Meet A Guy Who Lives With A Real Ghost

Once there lived a guy somewhere in New York City. He had a regular apartment where he settled with his two cats. And there they lived happily until…
Internet society has exploded because of mysterious tweets of someone named Adam Ellis. He claimed there were some weird sounds he heard in his apartment. Some steps in empty rooms and other spooky things. He thought those were neighbors, but then they moved out and those sounds still came out of nowhere.

Adam kept calm. Or, it is better to say, he tried to keep calm. Pulling himself together every time he heard something fell on the floor in the other room and nothing was there. But later his cats started acting weird.

dear david_1

He posted a photo of his fluffy friends where they were staring at the door as if something was behind it. They kept doing it every night at midnight, staying at that door for some time and scaring their poor owner. Therefore, Adam shared his story on Twitter asking his subscribers what to do. He was advised to record his sleep to check what is going on in an apartment while he is not awake. Later he posted a record with some interesting sounds that resemble footsteps, cracking, and maybe even a groan.

dear david_2

He had to confess he had nightmares about a kid, called Dear David. So, he was sure it was that little one wandering around as a ghost, trying to kill him. Adam started documenting his latest hauntings and braved taking a photo of the outside of his front door to see what his cats were all bothered about. And oops! There was a slight shadow there! He continued taking photos right there in his flat and he caught the ghost! A little boy with a big dent in his head.


dear david_3

What to do? Would you dare to stay in the apartment together with a real ghost who is slowly ruining your life? I bet, no. So did Adam. He moved to an empty apartment upstairs and started a new life. Now, guess what? That ghost moved together with him. Yep, Adam was ‘so happy’ to welcome same stuff in his new place. Creepy sounds, weird shadows and a ghost of a kid jumping over his bed.

dear david_4

Adam tried all possible ways to get rid of it, like salt around his front door just to keep the ghost away, fumigation and even bought a Quija board to contact with little one. Dear David kept coming over every night and scaring Adam to death. He even decided to buy a Polaroid camera as it is one of the best things that can capture ghosts (as experts say). And half of the shots he too there was absolutely black. Considering the fact that they come out while – it was too scary.

dear david_5

By now Adam keeps living with his little creepy friend in that haunted apartment and seems like he is not going to leave. Recently he made an investigation in the attic right above his flat where he had found some stuff that definitely belonged to a little boy. His aim is to find the truth about ear David and the way he died. An army of followers supports him and grants with cool fan art pieces.

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