The 20 Most Embarrassing Moments Ever Caught On Camera

If you are “lucky” enough to get the most embarrassing moment of your life caught on camera, then rest assured it’s gonna take some time for you to get over it. But those photos that hit the jackpot and wind up on the internet will definitely leave someone red-faced forever! So here are 20 unfortunate people blushing with embarrassment till the present day. #13 will make you do a double take!


Dude, next time just use a darn blanket! And yet, he’s one lucky bastard.
embarr mo_1


This Norwegian runner went balls out to make it to the finish line. Stop taking everything so literally, man!
embarr mo_2


Short shorts on men: Expectation vs. Reality! Yikes!
embarr mo_3



This cute elephant just wanted to escape the friend zone or take a peek at least.
embarr mo_4


It’s just HARD to resist!
embarr mo_5


When you need to freshen up. Let’s hope it’s not an air freshener.
embarr mo_6


It’s just hard to focus on one thing.
embarr mo_7


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