Miss ‘World’s Biggest Butt’ Title Is In Danger!

What’s an ideal body? Today nobody can give an exact answer. As all people divide into those who think fit and slim is the only body type they can call beautiful, but the others claim skinny years are gone and now we should meet the era of body positivity and learn accepting people around just the way they are. We can’t deny that sport brands, gyms and organic food manufacturers make billions of dollars on people who adopt healthy living. But there still are McDonalds and Burger King. Their income never decreases too. So, as you can see this struggle is endless.

Nevertheless, plus size models finally achieved nice chance to get paid just as much as their skinny colleagues and get as popular as they are. Natasha Crown, a 24-year-old glamour model from Gothenburg, Sweden, started her modeling career along with numerous girls who dreamed of something more. Of fame and cash and numerous fans who just adore their looks. But one day she decided her body goal is just not there yet. The girl was worried about her butt. She thought Brazilian lift could help her get more photoshoots and new contracts.


She thought she would look like one of those booty girls from Instagram. Her parents supported their daughter and even friends didn’t see anything bad in this procedure. When Natasha came back home after the lifting, she realized that was it.

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