Super Ripped Girls: Sexy Or Ugly?

Guys love fit girls. This statement causes no doubt or discussion. However, good is good whenever there is a norm. Because, there hardly is a guy who would love to date a bodybuilder, but for some overstuffed muscleheads. Don’t take me wrong, I believe all girls are pretty just the way they are, but this type of people sometimes drive their bodies to that condition when it is hard to say if what you are seeing is a human actually.

What is more hilarious – most of the muscular girls’ boyfriends assure us that their partners look different in real life. They are a kind of human transformers who turn into the rock of muscles only for competitions, but being absolutely womanly at home with all those fancy dresses, heels and tons of cosmetics all regular girls do have. But if we look here:

sexy or ugly_1

This image proves that what they hide under their clothes never disappears. Bodybuilders of both genders try to keep their bodies in shape no matter what. It basically leads us up to one undeniable fact – these girls are more ripped than any other guy you might know. Now imagine her in your bed. Would it cause close association there is a man in your bed?

sexy or ugly_2

Muscleheads have their own cult – the cult of the body. And only the adepts of one can take jacked people the way they are calling them ‘beautiful’. If you think of those people who rather live in a gym – you will notice that they pick up girls only in that place.


sexy or ugly_3

Nobody can say that girls who have devoted their lives to iron and protein are ugly or bed – it is their choice and nobody can be judged for that. They consider their bodies beautiful only if they strike people with impressive six packs and huge biceps.
But there is one more reason why regular guys avoid dating ones – money. I don’t mean that they require some enormous gifts or whatsoever, no. But if a regular person counts how much these people spent on their special nutrition and additional equipment – that might cause a heart attack.

sexy or ugly_4

We are not taking into consideration professional bodybuilders who make their living with their bodies. This type of people mostly causes no questions – their body is an instrument. But how about ladies who went crazy about getting fit and then gained too much muscle mess just as a hobby without any chance to stop now? More than half of their salary is spent at sports shops instantly.

sexy or ugly_5

It is up to anyone who to date or builds a family with. But when it comes to ripped ladies – most of the men get scared away with their look. And hardly ever anyone can change this situation. As no matter what – they will have to deal with someone more ripped then they are. What is it? Envy? What would you choose: a super ripped bodybuilder or a regular curvy babe?

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