8 Places To Try For Sex Before You Kick The Bucket

What’s going on in your bedroom? Boring poses that repeat occasionally every time you are having sex with your partner? Most of the couples claim that boring sex is one of the main breakup causes. This is why so many people stick to erotic websites and porn movies to find something new for trying in bed.

We offer a rather unexpected decision – change your location and watch how things are getting better for you two. Shower or backyard sex is something that everyone has tried at least once, But we offer you to add more extreme to these locations:


sex places_balcony sex
Why do people dream of having sex on the balcony of their apartment or a hotel room? There is a chance someone can see them. That feeling is responsible for immediate adrenaline buzz which is the right way to open up a fountain of new emotions.


sex places_car sex
Most of us have thought of it, but considered car sex too inconvenient to at least give it a try. However, there exist a lot of poses that can give both partners real pleasure. Plus, you can choose any location you like. Just make sure nobody wonders around your vehicle before you start.


Fitting room
sex places_fitting room
Tickle your nerves with the fact crowds of people are wandering around and there is a chance somebody might break in to see what you are doing there. We bet you both will feel like criminals and enjoy the process.


Kitchen table
sex places_kitchen table
Most of the guys avoid this location as they believe it is wrong to have sex there where they eat. As every time they are going to heave their meals, there will be no chance to concentrate on food. And this is how they are depriving themselves of a pleasure. Kitchen sex is fantastic for both couples, but do not forget to remove all glasses and mugs off the table beforehand.



sex places_office sex
Bring a partner into the office on your working hours is wrong. But having a quick sex on the lunch break or on the day when there is only you and nobody else around is a factor that might give you amazing working mood for months after. Subconsciously you will accept office as your new source of pleasure, so that won’t only spice up your intimate life, but make your work much easier.


sex places_park sex
Image just two of you wondering around the park late at night, watching the stars, making a place for a picnic and suddenly there passion raises and you can hardly pull yourself together. 60% of couples confess that sex in places like parks or forests helps them experience unique union with nature and their partner.


sex places_pool sex
Those who have tried sex in big water at least once can no longer live without it. Most of them claim it feels like sex with zero gravity when you can choose any pose and keep moving without any effort. We have chosen pool instead of rivers, lakes and sees just because of hygienic norms. We believe it feels the same in any of these locations, but only in pool chances of catching any infection are the lowest.


sex places_stars sex
Does your house have stairs? Grab your partner and rush there for the bravest experiences in your sex life. All incredible poses your imagination sent to you can be set to life in the staircase. What are you waiting for?

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