The Funniest Face Swaps Ever Made

Have you ever swapped your face with another person? Or a dog? Or a table? Or a Barbie doll? No? You should definitely try this option! It’s incredibly funny yet a little bit creepy. We know for sure it will boost your mood. There are so many face swaps on the web that we could hardly pick the best ones. We think the list is still incomplete. Without further ado check them out. You’ll laugh hard.

Probably the cutest picture with your pet should look this way.
face swaps_1


Do you also think these two would make awesome werewolves on the big screen?
face swaps_2


This face swap is so weird that we cannot even say what we think about it. Weird.
face swaps_3



Keep calm and take a picture with your beloved cat…
face swaps_4


… or with your dog! You decide who you love most.
face swaps_5


Omg, just look in their eyes! So scary. Never swap your face with a rooster.
face swaps_6

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