Day Of The Dead – A Creepy Tradition Of Mexico

The way people honor their passed away relatives differs from country to country. We got used to burning candles or praying for them. Some cultures demand to bring flowers to the graves, etc.

However, there are countries where people turn honor days into creepy fests, accompanied by blood-chilling face arts and odd costumes. We are now trying to prepare you for the horror of Mexican Day of the Dead held annually.

day of the dead_1

It is held from October, 31 and till November,1. The main aim here is to honor dead relatives. Although it remains more a fest than commemoration. Each family prepares for this day for a whole year, they collect the most expensive food, choose costumes and so on.

Every family has to take care of their home altar, the concept of which might differ from house to house, but they all are decorated with the most beautiful bright flowers, photos of passed away relatives and candles.

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The oldest women in the house are supposed to prepare favorite dishes of those whose photos are placed on the altars. But in fact, they prepare the most expensive meals each family can afford. Traditionally those are:
Pan de Muerto, a sweetened soft bread shaped like a bun, often decorated with bone-shaped phalanges pieces. No one eats them at home. Pan de Muertos is supposed to be taken to graveyards and eaten there.
Atole – the traditional hot drink of the fest made from corn.
Calaveras – sugar skulls, created either for children or as offerings to be placed on altars.
Fiambre – salad, served chilled and may be made up from over 50 ingredients.

All this food is taken to the graveyard, which reminds more a flower garden than a place for burying people.

day of the dead_3

For Mexico, it is not only about visiting the grave yards. These people can turn even the dullest day into a bright fest with fireworks and flowers. When we told you about costumes and face arts – we meant this part of the fest – a parade, which is held annually.


day of the dead_4

Anyone can take part in it representing their own platform or an unusual costume. The platforms move along the streets gathering thousands of spectators. Most of them remind awful scenes from popular horror movies: huge skeletons, sometimes dressed in the most mind-blowing outfits.

Some of them are animated, just like if huge skeletons are not terrifying enough to make anyone’s blood chill.

day of the dead_5

Nevertheless, this festival is loved by kids. Some of them ask their parents for a trip to Mexico year after year. We are not sure what attracts them the most – those cute sugar skulls or giant horrifying platforms, but without a doubt, end October-beginning November are those days when Mexico is stuffed with kids and their parents.

day of the dead_6

We bet the last ones get more psychological traumas than their children do when seeing all the beauty of Mexican Day of the Dead.

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