First, It Seems Like These Girls Have Nothing In Common

Teachers and parents always say our personality is more important than our look. Somehow, we mostly tend to believe them. This is why people spend hours reading new books, visiting trainings and courses just to improve their inner world. And after thousands of steps taken for personal development they realize all their best features are nothing without ‘good wrapping’. People are more likely to skip persons with repugnant appearance and they are not going to dig deeply to discover their true selves.

Celine Centino, from Zurich, Switzerland realized it too early. Her main trouble was ugly face and zero boobs. This is why poor teen got bullied severely. People used to tell her that this or that part of her body looks ugly. They pointed her face was more like dump. Poor girl spent hours crying in her pillow, but all that bullying didn’t break her. While all her schoolmates were chilling in the clubs wasting parents’ cash for booze and buzz, Celine worked hard and saved every cent.

She had one single aim – to become sexier than any of those girls she knew. After graduating and becoming a certified har dresser she managed to save around $50,000 and her way to becoming a hot bombshell begone. She had 3 boob jobs just to make those balloons as big as she wanted. First, doctors gave her small implants just to make sure there would be no complications. Luckily, she did good and now she is pleased with her FF size. She also went through . rhinoplasty (nose job), cheek fillers, lip fillers and got some chin fillers.

As a result, Celine became a popular Instagram personality with around 40,000 followers. She is finally satisfied with her look. The girl adores her body and posts numerous sexy photos that turn men on instantly. That’s what she says about her current state:

‘Now I feel so good about myself and I’m finally happy again that I can live the life I always wanted. Also, it makes me feel stronger than I was before. If someone says anything bad about me, I don’t care. Nobody can hurt me anymore.’


‘It’s something mystical; a woman who can’t be hurt because she is so strong. She needs no man, but all the men want her. I get different reactions; some people say that I look good and others say that it’s all plastic. But the reactions are more positive than negative, and the men go crazy for my look.’

‘I just feel positives from my transformation, I feel so good in my own skin without all the bad memories. If I came across any of my bullies now, I would ignore them. They never gave me a chance, so they don’t deserve to talk to me.’

Celine can’t stop showing off her satisfaction with new body. This is why all her photos mostly show off her butt and boobs slightly covered with tiny but sexy outfits. And that is definitely the best part of her insta account.

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