5 Places To Meet Gay Partner Without Revealing True Self To Family and Friends

Are you still single and struggling to find an ideal partner, but another night at gay bar causes you shivers? For sure someone might notice you there and then coming out is just a matter of minutes. Not every gay person is ready to reveal the true self to the society, as no matter how progressive their family and friends might be – there still is a chance of getting in trouble.

Here is the list of easy ways to make a crush on someone who swings the same way without opening up to anyone. These methods work for men and women whose gay-radar is yet not as good as it could be.

1. Social networks

Oh, no, it is not necessary to join any LGBT community or subscribing for corresponding Instagram profiles etc. Mostly it is enough to find a post related to gay topic and jump to the comments. It becomes obvious who is who after the first line. The next step is heading to direct messages and starting a friendly talk. After a few of such chats it is guaranteed you can find a soulmate.

2. Beauty stores (works for men only)
One shouldn’t be gay to come over and grab a bottle of hand cream. But, if you live in a big city – you will definitely meet gay guys there. Just watch what they buy. The more bottles, tubes and boxes they take – the higher chance they are not straight. Together with it, LBGT men often get jobs in such shops as most of them adore make women beautiful, have perfect taste in fashion and are good in recent trends.

3. Dating apps

Progressive dating sites and agencies often launch their own apps. They don’t take a lot of memory on the phone and are pretty easy to use. Good thing is – some of them have secret option for switching to gay dating. Another good thing is – people are allowed to use nicknames instead of revealing true data. So, even if someone spots a dating app in your phone – they won’t suspect you in being gay.


4. LGBT-supported events

This is not about gay parades. This is about various promotions, campaigns that are launched for everyone but LGBT community shows their support for these events. For instance, they often show up for health action days, charity races and meetings. Just come over to the event and make new acquaintances.

5. Huge music festivals

Have you heard of Burning Man or Coachella? These events attract thousands of people of art. They feel relaxed there, being sure nobody around will judge them no matter what they do. These are the spots where gay people are not afraid of their inner selves. So, chances to meet someone who can soon become your partner are way much higher than elsewhere. It does not mean you should go there as an open LGBT member. Just chill out, talk to people, be nice and soon you will realize who is who. The only thing here is the tickets. Entrance passes for such fests might cost an arm and a leg. But they are totally worth it.

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