The Hottest Burlesque Performances

Everyone knows this joke: – What is the difference between a burlesque dancer and a stripper?  – A stripper makes money. With burlesque becoming more popular in recent years, this question is asked over and over. So, what is the difference between burlesque and regular stripping? Where is that fine line between these two terms? Men would say that burlesque dancers always leave tiny pieces of clothing on them when the strippers are not afraid to show off their bare breasts. Ladies cannot help but mention the chic costumes with feathers, crystals, and vintage lingerie. The dancers pick only retro music for their shows and shop at vintage clothing stores. There is hardly a person who does not like spectating the classical burlesque shows. Here are the most amazing performances to watch on YouTube.

LouLou D’vil is one of the sexiest burlesque divas in the world. She mixes skillfully classic striptease with breathtaking stories, a dash of magic and a lot of professionalism. LouLou is always sensual, provocative and even fatal, but never plain. Her dance moves include the Mindbender. There is no wonder she is a multiple dancing and acrobatic awards winner. Take a look at her performance.

No burlesque list is true without this famous performance by Dita Von Teese. Ask anyone about burly and you will surely hear about her Martini glass act. What can be more hypnotizing than Dita’s perfect body placed in a big glass recipient? As the #1 star of the retro genre, she has millions of fans all over the world. This is why her videos gain thousands of views on YouTube. But this one will always be their favorite.


Pro figure skater Elle Dorado brings a surprising novelty into modern burlesque. She is dancing and undressing on skates. Watch hot brunette rocking her glittered dress with feather tail. Busty diva is a real devil. Elle spares no expense on her luxurious outfits and spends hours at the skating rink to hone her skills. Miss Dorado adores bright Swarovski pasties, and she knows how to use them right.

Mrs. Mystique is a newbie in the glittery world of Burlesque. She loves that feeling of being somebody else on a stage. Her performances are usually unexpected. She loves transforming into zombies, monsters, and vampires. Although every her dance has a regular burlesque beginning, be ready for an unexpected and sometimes freaky ending. And now watch a stunning geisha transforming into a beast.

How about all the typically burlesque moves performed in the air? Beautiful Madame Martini is an acrobat. She appears before the footlights with the two long straps of cloth. After she climbs on them – the magic begins. Madame Martini works without any safety accessory. She says that years of training made her invincible. It seems that the gravity does not work for her.
Let us hope this list will make your night. Be careful watching these videos – it is so hard not to fall for one of these cuties. They know how to make men’s hearts beat faster.

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