Students Are In Trouble After Sex With Overweight Ladies

Cornell University is one of the best colleges in the USA. This place has a solid reputation and is known for its amazing teachers and brilliant students. However, weird things happen even here. This story stated in 2017 when a journalist came to make a report about the university and faced insane students’ behavior. The poor woman was sexually harassed while walking down the campus.

pork roast_1

She was not the shy one and dug into the subject to discover awful truth about Zeta Beta Tau fraternity – insiders said these guys made up a crazy challenge, called ‘Pork roast’. You won’t believe what they did. These animals competed in having sex with overweight women. They dated ‘big’ ladies and got them to their beds counting the total weight of girls they had sex with.

pork roast_2

For ZBT it didn’t matter if the girls were from their university or just some strangers they met elsewhere. The only thing they took into consideration was those extra kilos they had. After this information leaked – a scandal gained momentum. Cornwell heads investigated for more details of this challenge. The number of poor ladies brought to the campus for a one-night stand is shocking.


pork roast_3

Moreover, guys had to present proofs of their achievements and there are rumors that they were kept in Zeta Beta Tau until this informational bomb exploded. If you are a smart guy – you definitely understand what proofs they brought: photos, videos, and even underwear. They say there were heroes who had sex with their victims with Skype on so that friends could make sure that happened for real. But of course, now all participants deny ‘Pork roast’ ever took place at Cornwell.

pork roast_4

After details of the scandal leaked, people all over the country were pitiful to these poor women who were used for some stupid challenge, but let us be honest. Plus-size girls are not in favor. There are guys who really adore overweight bodies and prefer having them in their beds, but most of the men are following this skinny girlfriend trend. This is why fatties are often suffered from lack of male attention and have sex rarely than those fit ladies. Plus, none of those ‘victims’ has been raped or filed any complaint to police. It means that they were fine with the situation and sex for one night with a cute stranger was something they agreed for.

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Although someone might find it a scandalous challenge, I can only agree that any challenges that involve sex are stupid and unworthy. But sex with girls of any body type is great especially if both receive real pleasure. Just look at these plus-size cuties around us. They are no worse than skinny ones. And guys secretly confess, plumpies are much better in bed. They are not lazy and try to show off their exclusive bedroom skills and impress men. So, we might say that those Zeta Beta Tau palls were looking for an excuse to date girls they really like.

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