Dragon Girl was blind for weeks after eye tattoo

This is just insane what some people do to themselves. Of course, only they can decide what to do to their bodies, but some of them just cross the line. Just like this overly tattooed lady from the UK. She started transforming her body as soon as she turned 16. for nearly 10 years she got around 200 tattoos being all inked from head to toe.

Moreover, she went through breast augmentation, got cheek and lip fillers and pointed implants placed in her ears. Tongue split followed. By the time she looked like a beautifully painted canvas, she decided to add one more shocking thing to her look.

Amber chose to tattoo both of her eyeballs, just make them blue. If you have no clue how this things are made – just imagine: master uses special device to keep eyes wide open and then client receives 4 injections in each eyeball. No anaesthesia included just because it’s the eyes and there’s no option to kill the pain locally. The whole procedure takes around 40 mins and at the end of it the client is fully blinded.


They promise the vision loss to last for around a week or two. Amber Luke was unable to see a thing for 3 weeks and that just scared her and her mom to death. Actually she could’ve get eternal blindness and she was warned on all the risks.

After 21 days her vision was restored and she returned to her usual routine: taking super hot photos for instagram account in see-through undies. There was just her mom panicking over daughter’s hobby. She says she brought her little girl to this world with the best skills and extreme beauty and if only Amber could see herself through her eyes – she would understand that.

But Dragon Girl herself says nobody could see her true self. And she was waiting for her sweet 16 just to start dragging it from the inside. She says she is yet unsatisfied with her look and the plan is to become the most tattooed woman with entire body covered with cute inks by March 2020. she is also thinking on some other transformations but not something overly extremed, like these eye tattoos.

Today she proudly calls herself a ‘Blue Eyed White Dragon’ and confesses that getting eye tattoos was the worst thing she ever did. As the procedure was quite intense and extremely painful. In some moments she felt like dying. But the fact that she managed to finish it makes he proud.

Amber says people often ask her if she is worried about the time when she gets old. Aging will make tattoos look much different and not as attractive. Actually she has a nice answer to those sticky comments: ‘I’m not worried what I’m going to look like when I’m older, I understand that everyone ages and I don’t think anyone will be looking too “pretty” at 70 years old. At the end of the day, it’s the only thing I can take to my grave with me.’

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