Russian Silicone Devil

Once upon a time there lived a cute Russian boy. He had stunning blue eyes and amazing fair hair. The boy looked like an angel with all his pureness and kindness. Although, with age he kind of got tired of his angelic image and took risk to change it all revealing his true inner self.

First of all he went in for bodybuilding and got jacked fast. But that was not enough. He still looked cute with all those muscles. So his next step was getting insane tattoos, which covered most of his body. Instead of some fancy inks, he had chosen weird lines that resembled tentacles and some tattoos copied his muscles, being located right above them.

Then he look into the mirror and thought that was not enough to look like real devil of bodybuilding. So he went to the dentists and asked for huge canine teeth. There, now our hero was satisfied with his look.


He actually loved his freaky appearance and wanted everyone to check it out, so he posted his photos to social networks. This is how the world wide web got to know Sasha Shpak. If you think he is just another freak and now nobody can get intrigued by tats and teeth. Think of the fact that happened back in 2010. and one more thing – Sasha was striking his pose in super tiny panties. Yep, those were even not pants. That odd outfit didn’t cover his butt at all and slightly covered all he had from the front (and that body part seemed too tiny).

This is why those pictures caused a lot of fuss. Even Sasha didn’t expect this huge popularity. So he just vanished for a while. And thank another rumor popped out – Shpak enlarged his lips, got silicone fillers for his butt and had a crazy boob job with CC size implants. Yep, he looked like an ugly chick above the waist. But Internet society now has only a few photos of that time. In all of them Shpak wears see-through tops just to demonstrate his bust.

Then he disappeared for nearly 5 years and got back in 2015. Sasha started accounts in all social networks and posted his wedding photos. The woman who dared to marry this beast is not even a freak. On the contrary – she is a cute blonde with super fit body and sparkling eyes. And moreover – the two seem happily in love.

If you think Sasha is the one to make cash from his wild look – you are wrong. He is an owner of a pretty popular sport shop (we bet his look became a nice promo for his business profit) and a personal trainer at one of the most popular gyms in Russia. His wife is also a fitness model and the couple has started their YouTube channel where they share some moments of their daily life together with diet tips and exercises they stick to for keeping their bodies in shape.

There is only one thing here to say – we hope Sasha won’t regret all the body modifications he went through. But his teeth are gone now.

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