6 Things That Will More Likely Cause The Apocalypse

People are like the cockroaches. No matter what happens – they find the way to adapt to any circumstances. They have invented the medicines from 90% of diseases that killed people a century ago. This is why we are so skeptical about new messages of upcoming apocalypses. We believe we can survive anything. However, there are 6 events that will definitely erase our planet. And here they are:


1. Artificial intelligence
apocalypse reasons_artificial intelligence
Back in 2017, Elon Musk warned us about the true danger robots can bring. Musk considers we are delegating too many freedoms to these creations of metal and plastic. One of them has recently become the first robotic citizen of Saudi Arabia. Scientists say that there is a big danger of robots invading our planet. We are constructing too many of them and there is a chance they might get out of our control soon.


2. Climate change
apocalypse reasons_climate change
The climate is changing and we are responsible for it. The way we treat our planet is unapologetic. We can now ‘enjoy’ the result of our behavior – drought, tornadoes, and winters without any snow. Climate change influences people, animals, and even insects. Soon many of them can get extinct.


3. Asteroid
apocalypse reasons_asteroid
Any asteroid that is at least 5 kilometers wide – can ruin our planet. The main destruction would be from clouds of dust projected into the upper atmosphere – which would affect climate change and food supplies, and cause political instability.



4. Nuclear war
apocalypse reasons_nuclear war
We do produce a lot of weapons and there hardly were years without a war on the planet. Today the situation is critical – Russia is putting its nose to all countries around it threatening the world with a nuclear weapon and North Korea does the same promising to destroy the humanity.


5. Solar collapse
apocalypse reasons_solar collapse
The sun is the main source of life energy for our planet. Thanks to it, the Earth has not turned into a piece of ice and we are now available for cultivating food in the fields and gardens. However, just as any other star, the sun cannot shine eternally. Once it will be extinguished and all life on the planet will die soon after that.


6. Synthetic biology
apocalypse reasons_Synthetic biology
What are we doing to our bodies? Since the 19th century, doctors are studying people by cutting them apart and examining all organs and systems. But over the past 50 years, they went even further – after founding the DNA, bioengineers set a goal of hacking into it to produce superhuman. The one without defects or diseases. That would be cool to live without the fear of getting cancer or being infected with AIDS, but what does it mean for the humanity in general? Overpopulation and eternal life?

They also struggle to create specimens, which might influence the ecosystem. 20-30 years ago we watched horror movies about mutants, today we should be ready to meet them around.
Not sure which of these options is the worst one, but I hope to die before anything of them occurs.

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