6 Shoplifters Who Will Never Get Caught

Shoplifting becomes extremely popular nowadays. People of all ages are committing big and small thefts without fear of getting caught. However, CCTV cams are everywhere and they give us a chance of revealing most of their secrets.

Here we have a fantastic compilation of jaw-dropping videos. These guys needed sometimes just seconds to grab a ton of items and run away. Do not try to repeat any of these, as police recently have no mercy to shoplifters.



Need more booze, but currently, run out of money? These girls have definitely invented something extremely new to help them fix the problem. Watch how quickly they hide those precious bottles. Not sure if they land them in their tights or panties. But it seems to be a big place that stores… how many bottles?



This gypsy family seems to be suffering from the terrible hangover. Can there be another explanation to why they had to steal a whole pack of 24 beers? I have never seen anyone that thirsty. I actually wonder how this girl managed to walk like nothing happened with that heavyweight under her skirt. Any bodybuilder would envy her strength.



Seems like this accident took place in Russia. Teens just wanted to have some fun but there was no cash, they could spend on drinks and snacks. What is the best option here? Choose what you need at the supermarket and run as fast as you can. Was that Forrest Gump who inspired them? Not sure if these palls got caught by security, cuz video stops on their halfway.




Watch how poor Indian women are choosing outfits for their men at the textile store. Seems like nothing is wrong, but just look at their hands. Lady in red has definitely put a few t-shirts and pants to her handbag. They are a fantastic team as one should be pretty skilled to steal stuff like that. They actually could work for some spy service.



I always wondered what should be in somebody’s head to steal stuff just like that. He stretched his hand and grabbed a whole laptop. That was not a beer can or a shirt. That was a pretty huge gadget which is extremely hard to hide. But this man just covered it with his jacket and went away.



When this couple entered a tiny bags’ department, nobody expected them to steal one of the most expensive items there – a Louis Vuitton bag in just minutes. Watch how easily the woman distracts shop assistants’ attention. And then in just a moment, a man grabs that tiny purse that was hanging just above his head.

Not sure what makes people act that way. They do not seem to be super poor or in need. Shoplifters claim they are searching for some adrenaline and there is nothing cooler than going out of the store with a bunch of goods under the jacket. One thing they are not taking into consideration – someone has to pay for all they are stealing. And that is cashiers and shop assistants.

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