5 Signs Your Neighbors Are Illuminati Members

Illuminati community has been shrouded in secrecy for ages. There are still rumors that they have not disappeared at all but are withdrawn into the shadows till things go better. If you belong to believers, you probably wonder how to check your circle to spot Illuminati members.

If they still exist – they are among us. And we can help you identify their secret agents. Maybe that is your chance to join one of the most ancient and mysterious communities in history.


1. Deny everything
10 signs your neighbours are illuminati_1
If you ask a current member of Illuminati they will definitely make fun of you believing in weird conspiracy theories. If you meet someone not interested in ‘secret government’ rumors – keep an eye on them and check for the other secret signs.


2. Check their wallets
10 signs your neighbours are illuminati_2
Of course, getting one’s money holder is not easy, so just ask them out or simply make their company for the next shopping trip. When the suspect opens up a wallet – peep inside. If you see there a dollar placed instead of a photo – they are busted. True Illuminati respects their symbol and try to wear it as close as possible.

If you noticed a dollar bill turned up with a pyramid – be careful. You are too close to Illuminati.



3. Weird guests
10 signs your neighbours are illuminati_3
If you see suspicious people coming in and out of your neighbors’ house in small groups – beware. They are more likely to have their meetings in that house. Or at least use their basement for weird ceremonies. Stay away from that building while they are inside – no one like the unwanted witnesses.

They say, Illuminati wear dark or black clothes for their occasional meet ups – if that is what you see from your kitchen window – lock the door and pretend nothing happened.


4. Unusual purchases
10 signs your neighbours are illuminati_4
If your neighbor is a regular turner or a manager – someone with an average income, but out of sudden, they get items delivered which cost more than they can afford to spend – keep watching and counting all their expenses.

Illuminati are too rich to control themselves when shopping. This is why they often buy certain luxurious things that do not fit their average houses.


5. No fights
10 signs your neighbours are illuminati_5
We all are people with our weak points. All couples have fights from time to time. If you have never heard your neighbors screaming at each other – something is a con here. Maybe their marriage is a huge fake to make everyone believe they are just like you. But in truth every night they spend discussing geopolitical issues and taking all the most important decisions that will influence our history in the upcoming future.

We sincerely hope these tips helped you figure out whom you can trust and take your first steps to becoming a part of this blood-chilling mystery. Of course, chances to become one of them are too tiny but if you have a strong aim – you can reach it without a doubt.

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