Meet World’s Most Identical Twins

33 years ago, DeCinque family from Perth, Australia welcomed two cute little girls. Identical twins were born in just minutes and they were absolute copies of each other. Their parents adored their two little sunshines and did all they could to help sisters become true friends for entire life. They bought them identical outfits, toys and chose one hobby for both.

So, no wonder they became too close with age. As teens they noticed they had same tests for clothes, music, cosmetics and even men. They even felt each other’s pain. Soon they came to one decision that defined their entire lives: Anna and Lucy wanted to become world’s most identical twins.

They have changed their hairstyles, showed up together everywhere and even made their family members puzzled with who is who. Only their mom could differentiate between the girls. However, that was not enough and one day they found themselves at plastic surgery clinics. They wanted their faces to be even more similar.

But as we all know – plastic surgeries are addictive. Soon DeCinque sisters came back with even more insane idea: they want all their body parts bigger. Boobs, lips, butts – they asked the surgeons to enlarge it all. In just weeks they saw two silicone dolls in their mirror. And they thought they looked fantastic. All-in-all Anna and Lucy spent $240,000 for beauty surgeries and procedures and they are not planning to stop.


Just to stay identical they go through multiple cosmetic procedures weekly. Face and body peeling, facial tattooing and laser treatments and many more. The sisters still wear identical dresses (mostly super short and super tight ones), shoos with big heels or platforms, they choose same hair styles and share one car and one home. Moreover, they have 1 profile on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Seems like they do not feel themselves as two different personalities.

Would you be surprised if we told you they have one job and even get one wages for two? The siblings serve food for elderly people. Not a dream job, but they seem to be doing everything possible to become Instagram influencers and models. Now their profile is stuffed with clothing promos.

These facts are impressive, but wait until you learn the most insane truth about the hottest siblings in Australia. Anna and Lucy are dating one guy. Yes, there is a lucky mister who gets twice more love from the sexiest twins ever. Ben Byrne is an electrical mechanic. We are not sure how he turns on the engines, but he seems to have no problems with turning on sexy siblings.

The three share the same bed and have sex only all together. Some men can only dream to find themselves in a bed with two identical hotties. Ben claims they have true love all together and their biggest dream is to get married. Unfortunately current Australian laws do not allow that. And moving to some Arabian countries or changing religion is definitely not in their plans for now.

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