7 Times Celebs Showed Off More Than They Wanted

Wardrobe malfunctions, wind gusts, wrong outfit choice often become the reasons for scandals in Hollywood. Sexy divas find their naughty photos in newspapers and sue them for billions of dollars compensations. While the stars panic and think on how to restore their reputation – fans and haters simply enjoy the view. And these women often have too gorgeous bodies to hide them under clothes. Here are some of the most sensational cases. When nobody expected it to happen.


Behati Prinsolo

Sexy model always had a reputation of a good girl and our sweetheart. She is never spotted in too revealing outfits. This time everything was fine. She looked good, the dress fitted her the best way possible, but as only the paps started shooting – her skirt was blown up with a nasty wind. With such a nice butt Behati has nothing to worry about.


Belen Rodriguez

As an Italian TV host, Belen often gets invitation for various award ceremonies where she shows off in the most gorgeous outfits. This time the long cut on her dress was about to dispose Rodriguez’s long legs. Her body is well toned and she was about to prove it when suddenly the naughty cut showed us her undies.


Gigi Hadid

Victoria Secret angel gets tins of money for demonstrating luxurious lingerie along the catwalk. But this time the girl had to do it for free. We are not sure what happened to Bella, but she hardly could have a plan of demonstrating her panties to irritating photographers. We can suggest Gigi was in a hurry and haven’t noticed the dress playing a bad trick on her.


Irina Shayk

Ronaldo’s ex made an impressive modeling career, so no wonder she is not afraid of exposing her body. The girl often chooses some super sexy dresses that hardly leave a chance to imagination. Although this time the dress was a bit larger than her actual size and we could see her under-boob and even some part of her cute butt.


Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl’s dress strap snapped during her speech at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas. And all people there got a chance to see her breast purely naked for a while. Unfortunately for us (but not for her), Heigl has good reaction and she managed to grab the dress and cover herself up before people around managed to enjoy her nudity.


Rita Ora

Ah, Rita, how could we live without your songs? She is the one to please her fans with revealing outfits pretty often, but this was not the time or the place for it. Ora made the same mistake as Irina Shayk when choosing this ‘naked’ dress. It looks fantastic from front, but as she was turning her back – the dress flashed Rita’s butt and a few photographers captured it.


Nicki Minaj

This time it was simple and fast: Nicki has chosen super tiny crop top for her performance, but in one moment it jumped up and flashed her under-boobs. Nicki acted like nothing had happened. Anyway, who hasn’t seen her breasts yet?

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