She Got Eye Tattoo Just Not To Look Boring

Today all teens dream to get grown-ups for one simple reason – freedom. Freedom for doing all they want to their lives and of course their bodies. Some 20 years ago hey wanted brighter outfits and harder music in their headphones. Now they want tattoos and piercing.

16-year old Amber Luke was just one of them. She hated the fact that she was just like everyone else and she could call her look too boring to live with. Long blond hair, fit body and pale skin – disgusting, isn’t it? Amber would give anything to be just a bit different from all girls in her school. So, she talked down her parents for a tattoo.

They probably thought their little girl would be satisfied with a single ink. But that was just the beginning for something more insane. Just the first step to her new body.

Some 10 years ago all people who took risks and modified their trunks did not think about the aesthetics. Tattoos look more ugly than beautiful. Piercing hardly made everyone look prettier. But today we have such a wide choice of masters with their own techniques who help us make all our modifications match each other.


This is why more men find tattooed and pierced girls sexy just as they actually are. Amber wanted to be just like those inked girls from magazines demonstrating amazing bodies covered with fancy pictures. She has chosen her stile and got another tattoo as soon as she had some spare money. And then one more in a while. She started spending all cash for new tattoos and just couldn’t stop:

“I developed an addiction at 16 years of age. By the time I hit 18, I already had three tattoos. And when I turned 18, I decided to get my first big piece. Now, I have over 50 tattoos, I haven’t been able to count all of them.”

Most of Amber’s body now is covered with inks and piercing. She also went on to split her tongue and to stretch her lobes. Anyone would stop here, but Luke had one more crazy idea. Despite all risks and multiple warnings the daredevil girl got a tattoo on her eyeballs.

The procedure is not an easy one and it often has terrible consequences. But Luke talks about it with a smile on her face and she seems to be completely satisfied with the result:

”The procedure for getting my eyes done was only 40 minutes. It was very intense and very painful. My eyes got held open while a syringe was injected into my eye four times per eye. I was blind for three weeks.”

Doctors say it is a miracle that she recovered so quick and got no serious sequences for her health. Chances are one can get blind forever after this modification. We all here hope that would be the last procedure Amber went through to improve the way she looks. Рук friends now call her “Blue Eyes White Dragon” and they are sure she has to stop modifying her body too.

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