Mogli – A Cat Who Decided To Become A Biker

What are cats for? Seriously, why do people get these furballs? Years ago they were kept to catch and eat mice, but now kitties are nothing else than a luxury accessory for our homes. If someone wants a friend, they often get dogs. The last ones are fine with riding in cars, where cats usually get sick and start a panic. Pups can walk for long and still feel happy and grateful to their owner for just being there together.


That’s what average people think before they meet Mogli. She was an ugly little kitten when Martin met this little ball of fur. He needed a friend to stay together 24\7 and Mogli would just perfectly fill in this gap. Although there was one big problem – Martin had his big love which took away a lot of time – his love for bikes.

His black cat had to stay alone. Sometimes Martin stayed in the garage for days and Mogli missed him so much. Once he took a risk and grabbed poor cat with him. To big surprise of both, Mogli showed of big patience and love to motorcycles. That moment Martin made up an idea, which first seemed crazy.


He bought a special beg to adjust to his bike. That bag became a special ‘royal’ sit for his fluffy friend. Mogli loved the idea and since that time, they share their road together.

This summer Martin made his biggest dream come true. Together with his cat, they conquered Turkey on a bike. Every new day they met in another city. Martin says, his pet adored exploring new hotel rooms and calmly waited for an owner every time he went to get some cat food.


A few times they had to stay in the mountains overnight and enjoy the nature. Mogli acted just like if that was a normal thing for her. Sleeping in the tent and sniffing around made her as happy as a new Lamborghini would cheer up a regular man. She is a brave cat who enjoyed even a beach. Coming close to water? Not a big deal for Mogli.



Martin says that was their first experience of getting so far on a bike, but definitely not the last one, as any trip feels amazing in a good company. And what can be better than wandering around with your own cat?


We have some doubts about if cats can really enjoy high speed and chilling wind in their hair, but Martin assures his followers, Mogli just loves it. Some of them are worried about cat’s safety advising him to get a special helmet for his cat to boost her chances to survive in case of an accident.

Not sure if they produce tiny ones for cats, but dogs safety helmets are quite widespread all over the world. Even those nice ladies, who put their tiny angry dogs in bicycle baskets often by them for their pups.


So, Mogli, good luck with your next trip and do not forget to buy a helmet.

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