Horrible Car Crashes Captured By Dash Cameras

What is the worst thing to happen to any of us? How about a car accident? Statistics say that about 55% people name it as their biggest fear. Car crashes take thousands of life away annually and there is nothing we can do to anyhow lower this ratio.

Mostly, people are too self-confident which makes them ignore driving regulations which lead to immediate or delayed disaster. However, there are cases when it is hard to explain what had caused an accident. Just like in some of these videos.

This is the calmest driver on earth. We can see that the main cause of the crash was the weather. But what impresses the most is woman’s face. She didn’t move a muscle, although she was definitely injured there. We just hope she is fine.

Here we see a classic example of speeding. The car was smashed, but a 19-year old driver has survived. To his luck, he managed to fly out of the car, which actually saved his life. A young driver was severely injured and there is a hope he won’t do it again.

Tourists from one of the Asian countries hoped for a marvelous trip. Their bus was driving along the sea coast when suddenly a flying car hit it. This head-on crash was fatal for car driver but none of the passengers in the bus was injured. If we don’t take the shock and psychological traumas of injuries.

This scorcher had to pay for his tricks on the road. People like he is one of the reasons drivers get nervous. For some reason, buying a Subaru made him believe he is taking part in Formula 1 race. And that was a big mistake as he simply failed to control the car properly.


We cannot be sure on what had happened here, but a car that was passing buy became a victim of a flying tire. After clashes, one of the vehicles lost its wheel, which flew directly into the windscreen of an approaching car. Now the culprit will have to pay to these two guys as well. I feel so sorry for the scared girl in the passenger seat. She was scared to death.

Two women are riding in a countryside and listening to some pleasant music. Suddenly, they see an explosion right in front of them, a flying body lands behind their car. What is a normal reaction here? A gasp and calling 911, just what they did.

Ever saw jumping and firing trucks? In this video, a fuel tanker looks like a huge caterpillar that is running away from a fire, but its tail is still burning. Luckily, nobody suffered in this accident except the truck.

If there was an award to the luckiest people in the world – this couple would win it without any doubt. The video doesn’t show the accident itself, but consequences are more than obvious – both people could fall into the sawcut and nothing would save them.

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