Licking Into Record Book

Meet Gerkary Bracho Blequett, a 20-year-old from Ocala, Florida. She has just reached her million views on YouTube. In the footages she shows off her outstanding skill performing wild tongue tricks. Her tongue is long enough to let her lick her own elbow.

Gerkary lived with her parents and attended school. She was just like thousands of other kids in her neighborhood. She had a lot of friends and had no clue she was anyhow different from them. But one day her life has changed. Her mates have challenged her to reach an eye with her tongue. And she could easily do that. So, they asked Blequett if she could reach her ear. The girl confessed, she kept stretching her tongue for a whole week to do that. And finally managed to.

Since that moment she realized she was somehow different from everyone. She had one feature that let her feel special. She thought she could do something with that to become famous. The first thing was recording a few footages and launching her personal YouTube channel. In those videos she was demonstrating her tongue by taking it out of her mouth and getting it back in.

She also had recorded her successful attempts to reach various body parts with it. YouTubers were shocked by the one, where she managed to touch her own elbow. That’s impressive and hypnotizing. No wonder those vids became viral real quick. People wanted to know more about this odd young lady and journalists started chasing Gerkary. They asked her to pull the tongue over and over again.

She actually enjoys that attention. But the girl rarely reveals her secret to strangers, as people’s reactions are different. Some palls react like ‘that’s nasty’, some people just say ‘wow! I wanna see it again’, and the others just get scared. So, let us say – there is the time and the place for that which Gerkary Bracho Blequett realizes pretty well.


Another thing she had to get used to is sexual assaults. Yes, local guys can be mean and they think if the girl is disposing her tongue and it is that long – she is looking for sex. They are trying to seduce her. Men also say her boyfriend is the luckiest guy on earth, although she doesn’t even have one (yet).

Gerkary also shares her photos on Instagram. She says, at early start she posted an image and people just didn’t believe it was real. They blamed her for using Photoshop, but after she shared a short video there – she got a lot of new followers overnight. Users were begging her to post more materials. They wanted her to tell them more about her life. The girl admits she is feeling famous and that is great.

Recently she discovered that Nick Stoeberl, longest tongue record holder has only 3.97-inch tongue. While Gerkary Bracho Blequett enjoys her 4.48-inch one. It means she has all chances to get into world’s record book right now. And young lady seems to be interested in that.

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