Awkward Celebrity Nip Slip Shots

Among the most favorite celebrity activities superstars note red carpet events. Their lives is always a rush. A routine that demands maximum alert 24\7. Paps give them no chance to go out relaxed. This is why celebs (especially female) never show up in public looking less than a million dollars: fantastic makeup, hairstyle, fashion outfits that cost thousands of dollars. But we all are just people, no matter how famous we might be. So, no wonder celebs can fail sometimes. Although, some of their fails we do await with shiver. How about those staggering wardrobe malfunctions every diva faced at least once in her life? Today we will show you the most charming celebrity nip slip moments.

1. Behati Prinsloo

Prinsloo had her own wardrobe malfunction alert at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. This episode makes her the latest member of Hollywood’s elite to flash a little more than intended. Behati has chosen a super sexy nude dress which nearly left space for imagination, but showing off almost half of her boob was definitely not something she expected.


2. Christina Milian

Christina knows suits make her look gorgeous. She also heard that ladies prefer wearing suit coats next to the skin. But it seems like she forgot to check if that outfit covers all it should. Photographers didn’t miss a chance to check out her goodies through their cameras and then shared the shots with the world.


3. Emma Watson

This young star usually takes care of her entire look, working out all possible accidents with her stylists. But this time something went wrong. It seems like Emma went out with her friends wearing the very first thing she found in her wardrobe. And she had to pay for being careless – heк top was too big for her. Although oversize is still in trend, there should be a bra under it to avoid such situations.


4. Stella Maxwell

As a top model, Stella got used to everyone staring at her. But it seems like sometimes Kristen Stewart’s girlfriend often forgets she is not a catwalk. Her outfits often reveal too much. Just like this one, which left this hottie nearly necked during one of her promenades.


5. Kim Kardashian

Kanye West’s wife is a well-known style icon and sexy bombshell at a time. She is the main trendsetter, so no wonder Kim is the first woman to put on Kanye’s creations. She belongs to the type of a girl who looks awesome no matter what they wear. But for one exception: Kim often fails when choosing underwear. Just like this time when half of her boob nearly slipped off her bra.


6. Nicki Minaj

Sexy Nicki always knows how to present herself. But once she faced a huge disaster too. Nicki didn’t plan to perform naked, it was her dress that played a bad trick on the rapper leaving her nearly covered with two pieces of cloth.


7. Selena Gomes

Here’s who gets criticized for every second outfit. How come such young talented and beautiful lady makes too many fashion mistakes? Just like this blouse: the sleeves are to wide and every stranger passing by can enjoy the view of Selena’s breasts.

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