This Game Gathered $160,000,000 At Crowdfunding

How much money does it take creating a new game? If a short flash gaming program can be developed by a single person, one should hire an impressive team to launch an MMORPG. Designers, programmers, facilitators and a lot of other people should join the project to lead it to success in future.

Ad all these people should receive their salaries. High-class specialists cost more than average ones. In addition, they would need all the best equipment and a nice office. So, here we come to six figures.

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The same happened to people who decided to launch Star Citizen game. Their calculation stopped at $2,000,000. In October 2012, Cloud Imperium Games started a crowdfunding campaign on their own website for Star Citizen. The Original Site showcased a trailer for Star Citizen, massively multiplayer, space trading and combat video game for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Star Citizen was announced in 2012 in a Kickstarter campaign as a spiritual successor to Robert’s previous games, the Wing Commander series, and Freelancer. The initial estimated target release date during the crowdfunding campaign was 2014 and has since been delayed repeatedly as the game grew in scale.

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The interest to Star Citizen kept increasing and such delays irritated the gamers too much. So, they did all they could to help. By this time, people have donated over $160,000,000, which caused huge interest to Star Citizen. What is so special about this game?


The developers are hoping to create a mix of all genres known to an average gamer, including space, trading, flight combat simulation and first-person shooter, in a massively multiplayer online game. This is the first attempt to launch an MMORPG that is interesting for everyone. In addition, they pay special attention to graphics, which promises to be too realistic.

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Chris Roberts, one of its creators, highlighted the importance of player-driven content: “It’s like a sandbox for everybody, and occasionally you’ll sprinkle in little bits of scripted content to give a bit of character, but you’re getting a lot of the players generate the intrigue and the drama.”

Developers explain the delay in taking attempts to design a game without glitches. They also assure gamers the development will not stop after official release. They plan to collect gamers’ feedback for some time after the launch and then adjust Star Citizen accordingly.

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To summon it all up, Star Citizen game is a kind of preparation for future travels into space, which is promised in the closest future. This game is a kind of high-quality simulator that feels too much like living in the open space. Developers promise it to be out of this world and we have all reasons to believe their words. All we can do is waiting for the release date to see it all with our own eyes.

Hard to say if $160,000,000 is enough for such a massive project, but we will not force you to donate money for it. There are too many projects that require your help in this world and they are more important and less popular than Star Citizen.

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