Extreme Tricks Hollywood Uses For Its Top Scenes

We all can hardly imagine life without favorite movies and TV shows. It is a huge industry with real rivalry which helps it develop faster with each new movie. There films we hardly even notice, but there are those we await with our breath taken away. We catch every trailer, pin posters to the walls waiting for the release date. And then stay for ages in huge queues to be the among the first people who stick to the screen watching favorite actors and checking out the plot. What does it give to us? Some new emotions, that bring some new special taste to life. We leave cinemas feeling it’s not the same. And we are not the same any longer.

To impress the public, film directors choose the most outstanding original plots, highest paid and most popular actors, hire Oscar winning music writers and of course spare no expense when it comes to special effects crew. These people shape up the whole movie and no matter how hard the rest team might try, if guys responsible for special effects are nubs – the film will fail in 99% cases.

Recently the industry has been blamed for overusing the graphics instead of real creating some real objects for movie scenes, that might be even taken for pieces of art. However this is so not true. Game Of Thrones fans have experienced numerous episodes, which required the most thorough preparations.


Actors spent hours in chairs waiting for their makeup to be finished and then had to play with tons of grease-paint on their faces and bodies. This show is actually a record holder when it comes to body and skin prosthetic makeup. Sometimes the actors show up in front of the cameras wearing nothing but it.

In I Am The Legend, Will Smith had to act together with one half of a dog in attack scene. That dog’s was created at the art studio and was made of silicone. It was used in several scenes of the movie. A guy in green suit plays its back part putting on the silicone as a glove. His costume let the artists paint the rest of the dog later after the film was mounted. And it is a wide spread practice. In those cases when there is a need to shoot a scene that requires certain kind of violence (an attack of a wild animal or a monster), there usually are 1,5 models: full body doll for general scenes and half of a minster for close up.

The Rock in one of his latest works had to play a together with a huge monkey. Where to get an animal that can behave and run the most complicated commands? One scene requires several tries to get cut. So, there was the only way out – to put there a guy in odd costume and later draw him gorilla’s fluffy body. This technology helps artists keep real-life emotions and what is more important – movements. Every step this ‘gorilla’ takes doesn’t look artificial.

So, if you thought, shooting a blockbuster is just a piece of cake – take a closer look at these image and you will se it is a super hard job for everyone responsible for what will be there in shot.

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