Woman Gets In Trouble Over Wild Nail Design

We have already got used to weird and sometimes ridiculous nail trends. Sometimes women impress us with odd and bulky constructions on their hands. And men mostly wonder how they manage to clean their butts with those razors on their fingers. No, really, picking their noses or dealing with toilet paper is a challenge they have to accept daily. And that is not the only thing that should bother poor ladies with super long nails. But they keep building those over and over again on their hands.

However, men confess they prefer ladies that are all real outside. And when it comes to nails, men only care if those look neat. They are actually afraid of getting traumatized over long manicure.


But Instagram queens never stop posting their most ridiculous and creepy masterpieces. Just try #nail_art or #nail_design hashtags and enjoy numerous images and videos that can make your eyes bleed.

However, this time a footage posted by one of beauty salons made a lot of fuss on the web. One of Russian manicurists decided to try out new technique and offered a client new nail idea: super long construction bit it was supposed to be empty inside. A bulb of aid inside plastic pad. Sounds too weird. And you probably want to know why she would do that. The answer is even more creepy. She decided to put LIVE ants inside.

Yep, she caught a bunch of poor insects outside the salon and placed them inside someone’s nails. We have no idea how would you like this, but we believe most of users would bite their hands off just to get rid of ants in nails. Faugh! How could someone even think of that? They are moving inside, running here and there, trying to survive in the tiniest oxygen bulb, scratching nails with their tiny legs and biting with their mouthes. Nice horror movie plot so far.

The disclaimer says “no ants were harmed in the making of this video,” but based on comments calling it “cruel” and “disgusting,” it seems like people are not convinced, being shocked with what is going on there. The footage even caught the attention of animal rights organization PETA, which called it “so disturbing.” People even promised to sue the beautician together with the salon that lets her use live beings for such creepy experiments.

Although later on another footage popped up. The salon uploaded a video where nails have been removed and all ants set free outside. But activists believe that was another dose of ants and another nails made up for fake ant relieve video. Disregarding of the fact, the salon explained it was an art project and none of ants died, users believe it still was harmful for poor insects and they had experienced the biggest stress in their lives. In addition, material for fake nails is toxic and smelly. It means the insects could have died soon after they got back to the street.

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