All Fat Guys Are In Trend!

What is going on with this world? All commercials show off happy jacked men placing their fit bodies in the center of their success. Gyms, diet plans, organic food stores and other things are made to help people lose weight and stay skinny. Popular myth says that you should get 6 pack abs if you want to get a girlfriend. Do you have this all in your head? Now you will have to forget it. Why? It is scientifically proven that ladies prefer fat guys. Yep, you got it right, nobody needs a sack of bones covered with thin layer of skin.

From their point of view there are 5 obvious reasons for women to be attracted to larger men. And here we will explain them all:

1. Big guy = good photos

When a girl starts dating somebody larger than her she stops worrying about their photos. Because, come on, she is anyway smaller than her boyfriend. Her confidence raises and she feels more comfortable when her big man is near. That’s just a dream. Now she can grab that last donut from the box with no regrets. Profit!


2. Larger man – better life

We are still the result of some sort of evolution. Let us remember the middle ages, when (as found clothes of those times prove) people were much smaller than we are today. Meeting a guy who was larger than the others back then meant he was well fed. Good food was synonym to reaches. And that meant he was a good option for marriage and kids. Today ladies mostly look for good options too. And here the mechanism of generic memory works for well fleshed palls. They get the price when there is the choice between skinny and not-so-skinny man.


3. Bonny boy – funny boy

Think of all the Hollywood movies you’ve watched. If you want to make it funny – call for a fat guy. In reality, overweight people are trying to switch attention from their looks to their personalities. This is why they work on their intellect and of course, sense of humor. They do understand even those special jokes only girls do and even create some of their own. Sarcasm is their good friend too. This is why ladies feel extremely comfortable with such people.


4. Someone to trust

Researches show, overweight people have twice more chances to win the elections. Why? Because they look trustworthy. People who know life and act like cats (being just as fluffy) tend to make the others they are a good choice. It works just like they make the others believe they know how things work in this universe and even can influence it.


5. If he is fat – he’s good in bed

This is not another myths, but fair true. Large guys try harder making the best lovers girls can hope for. They are not selfish and often care for partner’s pleasure giving her all she needs.

All guys who are overweight should leave all their fears behind and go now meet new ladies, find girlfriends or even wives. But do not forget females can’t save you from diabetes. So, just don’t gain too much. 5-10 extra kilos is more than enough.

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