The Most Violent And Bloody Video Games Of The Year

Video games are on top of favorite hobbies list. Show me at least one 1 guy who has never touched a joystick or has no clue what A, S, D, W keys are used for. There is nothing wrong in spending a few hours of free time searching for virtual adventures, especially if your real life is quite dull.

Marvelous fantasy games with brave superheroes are making us happy with each new quest. However, there are certain games that cause too many questions. I still have a lot of doubts on why would anyone play that.

Such games contain too much blood and violence. The pleasure they are about to bring to players is too doubtful. Close your door before seeing what’s on the list.


1. Homefront: The Revolution
bloody video games_1

First person shooter where gamers have to play for rebels. The story line takes them to the subway where they face the most violent fight in their lives. Rivers of blood turn this location into the creepiest place ever. Can you keep playing under such circumstances?


2. Madworld
bloody video games_2
The family-friendly Wii brought us the bloodiest game ever. Three days before the game’s event, the fictional Varrigan City became a target for a group of terrorists called “The Organizers”. The player controls Jack, who is going to kill them all, from a third-person perspective. In his hands, he has a retractable chainsaw. I bet there is no need to go on. Jack has to smash his enemies into pieces and a single move is enough to do that.



3. Dead Space
bloody video games_3
Third-person horror survival that won hearts of millions of professional gamers. The events of the game take place in outer space in the 26th century, when mankind has expanded into space and colonized other planets.

Group of religious bigots couldn’t predict their actions can lead to a disaster. Under their influence, a crew of a spaceship turns into zombie-monsters or “Necromorphs” with shocking ability to piece together out of dead bodies.
Destroying them all is almost impossible. Even if you try – they will drown you in blood.


4. Doom
bloody video games_4
Doom is the king of horror games. Its name says it all. When the dooms day has come – it is time to grab all weapon you have and join the biggest and most cruel battle on Mars, where one gets as an unnamed space marine. Chain saws, guns are your only helpers in this war against demonic creatures.

Don’t mind those blood splatters, just kill them all using all you have. Some die after the first shot, the others have to be smashed into pieces.


5. God of War
bloody video games_5

Even the developers are not sure if this one belongs to Hack and slash or Action-adventure games. I guess it is both. The game is perfect for those who love ancient mythology and knows a lot about Greek gods as gamers have to play for one of them.

Kratos is going to teach his son all he knows about the art of war and sends him back. One thing he doesn’t know is that the world was settled by monsters for many years and fighting them is not as easy as beating people.

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