Jackie Chan’s Daughter Married Her Girlfriend!

Etta Ng is only 19, but she had made a bunch of decisions that turned her world upside down. One of them was coming out as gay last spring. If you believe her celebrity daddy spread his hands to give her a hug and invited Etta’s girlfriend for tea – you are absolutely wrong. Jackie Chan is even more conservative than we thought. He just gave the two love birds a boot showing himself as a strict homophobe.

And soon the ladies announced their YouTube subscribers they were homeless. Yep, parents from both sides just didn’t want to hear a thing from the lesbian couple. Despite that fact that Ng is martial arts star Chan’s only child with actor and former beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi Lei following an affair the couple had in 1999. Girls have to live under the bridge asking for help from strangers and waiting for better times.

Some people considered this video message as pure fiction. And it makes sense when we take a closer look at Etta’s partner. Who is she? Andi Autumn is a well-know social media influencer with over 100k followers on instagram and even more on YouTube. She is 31 years old and it’s hard to believe someone of her age and status in social media had no cash to rent a house. Or at least a room. Was she still living with her parents too?

The are more questions than answers. Critics say the two have caught the wave as soon as Jackie’s reaction for his daughter coming out leaked to press. And they just recorded the scandalous footage to raise some easy cash. We do not know for sure, but when you are 19 and you feel kind of neglected, with amore experienced partner by your side you could do that.


However, that was just the beginning. End November, the couple shocked their followers even more. They have posted a sweet of photo of them with a wedding certificate. “We have all been hurt but if you can dream of love, you can find it,” the couple wrote in their photo caption. “Love is kind, it does not judge. Love is both strength and weakness. Love can make change. Love wins!”

We bet none of their family members knew about the upcoming big day, or been present at the ceremony either. Well, who we are to judge these young pretty girls. But we bet that was a real jolt for Etta’s mom who raised her daughter alone and was definitely dreaming to see her in white dress with flowers in her hands.

Although, 19 years is too early for getting married. We just wonder, did they really feel like doing that or it was a kind of a gesture to prove to their parents how old they are to make serious decisions?

We just hope that one day the family will reunite and live happily ever after, accepting each other just the way they are. But for now, let us wish Etta and Andi all love and happiness of the world.

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