How Dirty Is Your Mind?

Sometimes things are not what they seem to be. You’re about to see images that might appear to be not safe for work… at first glance. All of them are absolutely innocent! Let’s figure out whether you’re a dirty minded individual or not. If you are, you’ll definitely appreciate these images. We’re 100% sure you will.

how dirty is your mind_1
Let’s start with something easy. What do you think it is? Really?


how dirty is your mind_2
Take a look from another angle. It’s a guy’s mouth!!!


how dirty is your mind_3
It’s the hard one. Look attentively! It’s just an eye.


how dirty is your mind_4
Stop looking at the shadow.


how dirty is your mind_5
They are just good friends. Get your mind out of the gutter!



how dirty is your mind_6
Aww… Such cute pigs!


how dirty is your mind_7
Just bald heads with noses seen… Haha.


how dirty is your mind_8
Just a bald head again.


optical-illusions-that-prove-you-have-a-dirty-mind 2.jpg
What do you think these roots are doing? Nothing.


how dirty is your mind_10
Hope you’re seeing just a mushroom.


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