Going out with a straight friend: when does this mean he is gay curious?

Straight friends is a normal thing for every gay. Especially when they are 100% tolerant and accept you just the way you are. Hitting into the bars and clubs is cool when there is a big company and everyone is enjoying the party. But it gets hot when one of them wants a night out with you and nobody else is invited. What does it mean? Mostly that is just a normal thing for two best friends to meet up, grab a beer or two and chill out, or have a heart-to-heart talk with a glass of good wine. However, there are cases when you should start worrying. Maybe, he is taking you for something more than just his friend. Here are the signs your friend is at least gay curious:

1. He chooses weird places

A straight friend offers you to grab a beer, but he wants to visit not your local bar where you use to chill with friends. He is interested in going to a place for gays. Feel free to go there together in case you are sure:

  • he is not a homophobe;
  • he never showed off signs of aggression for LGBT community;
  • you are ready to admit he might be gay too.

2. He is pushing a gay issue

This is the right sign he wants to discover the dark side of being gay. In 99% cases this means the person is on the edge and searches for support. It is wise to tell all the truth about the life of LGBT community in your area. Be honest – reveal all the problems there might be, but do not forget about your feelings – the way you sense yourself after coming out.

3. He stands too close to you

Here we came to the most interesting part – the ‘invisible signs’. If you notice a friend approaching closer than usual it means he is subliminally trying to ‘look inside of you’. Psychologists explain, this is the way people are showing their trust. They are letting you into their ‘private area’. This should not scare you away. You might become the very first one to hear a sensational revelation. Be you – be a good friend.


4. He is ordering the same foods and drinks you do

When a man is taking you out and tries to copy your behavior – means he is trying on your role. What is it like to be you? If that is happening more than ones and he is mimicking more and more habits – for sure he is at least gay curious. No rush – do not push on that poor guy. He might be puzzled and his sexuality is yet a big question for himself. Just give him time.

5. He is mostly silent

When there are only two of you and there is no reason for him to stop talking to you – non-talkative mood should raise flags. Maybe he is trying to pick up the right words? Or is he just watching you?

If you have noticed at least any of these signs – get set. Something big is coming.

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