This cougar is dating a guy who is 50 years younger!

Hattie Retroage is a new Tinder star. The woman has been married for 25 years and had as she says wonderful sex with her husband. But as their kids left off for college things changed and she had chosen to divorce. Former dancer thought that won’t be hard for her to find a man for life again and get her sex life back to order but something went wrong.

Hattie says she went out with so many men, they dated, had intimacy and then all guys disappeared sooner or later. First poor woman thought that was all about her. She tried to improve the way she looked, tried various hairstyles, fashion outfits but nothing changed significantly.

So, she just changed the strategy. Why are all men allowed to act like that no matter what their age is and women should follow some stupid rules? Hattie made her choice to live male lifestyle and registered on Tinder. We might say she is the oldest member. Today the woman is 83 years old, though she still looks fantastic for her age.


When asked on what helps her keep her shape and style – Hattie says there was a story from her childhood that influenced her vision of age and the way women should look and feel as they get older.

The lady says, her mom took her to steam room when she was a little girl. There she saw a bunch old ladies in their most natural condition. That made her thought several nights in raw on what to do to look different. She says those women seemed so miserable and unattractive. They were totally unhappy and looked like that was the end of times for them.

Hattie was afraid to turn into a miserable old lady with time, but look at her! She is the one who knows what she wants, enjoys her own lifestyle doesn’t care on what the haters think or say about her. She dates a lot of men who get into her bed for 1-2 time sex and then she disappears from their lives to find somebody else. She confesses she has more than one boyfriends at a time being quite comfortable with it.

Her intimate life with 3 times sex per week is yet bright and emotional. Hattie is aware people often call her ‘dirty old git’ and that doesn’t worry her at all. She says they can call her whatever they want to, and she is OK with that.

The youngest guy she ever dated was 19, although this cougar claims she thought he was older. Her new boyfriend is 33, and this makes a 50-years gap between them.

We totally understand Hattie in her wish for younger guys, but what makes 19-35 year old men date someone who could be their grandma? Is there a new odd fetish we are unaware of or they just lack grandma’s love in their lives? Something tells us this woman knows things to attract guys of all ages and make them adore her as absolutely all of her lovers said she was fantastic.

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