Stewardess: 5 Types Of Passengers I Hate

How often do you fly? Most of us do it no more than once a year when having or annual occasion. But still, most of us hate an idea of spending many hours locked up with a bunch of strangers at the height of 10 000 meters. Now imagine this is your regular job and you have to deal with all those freaks and their phobias or odd desires.
We asked a girl who spent 10 years of her life on board about the worst situations and people she happened to meet in her life. We had no clue there are so many idiots around us. We hope these examples will keep you from being a jerk in your upcoming plane trip.


1. Sex couples
5 types of passengers_1
Every second flight ends up with two lovebirds having sex on board. It seems like these people were waiting for their meeting over the past 100 years and the only thing they want is sex. Otherwise, there is no other explanation of why they can’t wait reaching their hotel room or home to do that. There was a couple that didn’t even plan to hide what they were doing and made love right there in front of everybody.


2. Toilet lovers
5 types of passengers_2
These are the couples that meet on board. They are typical for long-distance flights when people have to stay in the sky for about 12 hours or more. Thus, passengers who travel alone don’t miss a chance of having a plane affair. And they make it pretty fast from meeting and to locking up at the toilet to have sex with their new friend. The others have to wait for them to enjoy each other.



3. ‘Deaf’ parents
5 types of passengers_3
There is no other explanation why these people pay no attention to their screaming kids, who run all over the plain at risk of being hit with a trolley. They cause a lot of troubles for everyone, but their parents. No clue, why these people never prepare anything to keep their kids busy before they reach the destination. Sometimes a color book is enough for that.


4. Growler-rashing men
5 types of passengers_4
No clue if they are too afraid to fly or just have no other way to entertain themselves, but these men (women act this way much rarely) enter the plane board drunk with some booze in their hands and luggage. They demand alcohol as soon as they take their seats and what is worse – they need to use a toilet when it is still locked. There were cases when they tried to pee in cabin and stewardesses had to put too much effort not to let that happen.


5. Naked people
5 types of passengers_5
There happen some people who prefer traveling topless. In the best case. Some of them ask for a plaid to strip down under it and they believe they can cover their nudity by the end of the flight. However, pretty often they fall asleep and stop controlling their body parts that slip out. And everyone around can enjoy their natural beauty to the fullest.

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