These People Were Buried Alive And Survived

What is your biggest fear? I bet, being buried alive is at least in top 5. This actually happens much more often than most of the think. This is why I find autopsy an important measure to prevent such cases. However, being stuck in coffin 2 meters below the ground is not the end of life. There are techniques that helped people get out of that muddy trap.
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They say, the most important part of such self-rescuing operation is covering your face to prevent soil sticking in eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. The best thing that can help here is a shirt or pants tied up on one’s neck and above the head. They work as an air pump.

As soon as you are ready – use your hands to break the top and help yourself to remove all soil and mud to the part o the coffin where your legs are resting. Use them too for packing it there and try to stand up as soon as you feel you are ready. Such technique is the best you can do and it actually works.

However, these 5 people used completely different methods to stay alive:


6-year old girl in India
buried alive_6-girl
In August 2014 a six-year-old girl in Uttar Pradesh, India went out for a walk. There she met a married couple who lived close to the victim. They told the girl that her mother wanted them to accompany her to a fair a few villages over. Little one actually wanted to go there so meeting a neighbor she knew and who was saying her biggest wish aloud worked.

But instead of a fair, those two took her to the field and buried for an unknown reason. Luckily, some of the villagers working in the field saw them entering and going away without a kid. The girl was found and rushed to the hospital.


Angelo Hays
buried alive_angelo hays
This man turned his biggest tragedy into a profitable thing. In 1937 Angelo Hays was interred in the village of St. Quentin de Chalais after a motorcycle accident. He crashed his head over a brick wall and had no pulse, which made doctors consider him dead. When insurance inspectors demanded to exhumed him 2 days later he was still warm.

Angelo was in a coma which saved his life in that coffin. He was taken to the hospital and months later went out all healed. Hays became a celebrity, traveling from city to city telling people his horrible story.



Essie Dunbar
buried alive_essie dunbar
In 1915, a 30-year-old South Carolinian named Essie Dunbar suffered a fatal attack of epilepsy. Her doctor confirmed death and she was soon buried. But her sister was late for the funeral and demanded to exhume the body so that she could see Essie for the last time. When the coffin was opened – Essie set up and smiled. She lived 47 years after her first funeral.


Sipho William Mdletshe
buried alive_Sipho William Mdletshe
In 1993, a 24-year-old Sipho and his wife got into severe car accident, where he was badly injured. He was proclaimed the death and his body was placed in a morgue. After 2 days he woke up there and started screaming. That shout saved his life.


Philomele Jonetre
buried alive_Philomele Jonetre
In 1867, a 24-year-old French woman caught up with cholera and soon after, she was pronounced dead. 16 hours later the coffin was opened because of some weird sounds. She was still alive and breathing. Unfortunately, that didn’t last for long and Philomele died the next day and was buried forever.

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