100% Proven UFO Cases That Have Never Been Debunked

People tend to believe we are the only sensible beings throughout the space. That makes me feel lonely and somewhat depressed. As I think, we have not met other intelligence just because there is still no technology that lets them breathe within our atmosphere.


On the other hand, maybe, the Earth is a kind of a lab where we are nothing else than trial rats. The last one depresses me even more, as I wish once to watch a Miss Universe pageant that fully corresponds its name. A catwalk for both – humans and aliens.

I had to beat about the bush to find some true cases of alien existence. There are witnesses that cause no doubts of their faithfulness. People saw it with their own eyes and even managed to capture on cam. Are you ready to discover these blood-chilling facts? Keep reading.


1. Clarence “Kelly” Johnson’s cases

Meet a man who can freely be called a father of UFO myths and legends. Although his personal testimonies have all chances to be true. 1953 he was a top secret aircraft engineer. Johnson was the first team leader of Lockheed Skunk Works, the team responsible for developing super secret high tech airplanes, who eventually took up residence at famous Area 51.


Johnson confessed, he saw UFOs on at least two occasions. As a professional aircraft constructor, he has all reasons to believe they were real. The crew of a Navy Super Constellation WV-2 confirmed his words.


The first case happened when Johnson and his wife have just arrived at their ranch and saw something weird over the mountain. A dark cloud turned into a kind of an aircraft just in front of their eyes. Clarence grabbed a binocular and managed to see even the tiniest details of it.



2 years later it happened again. But this time he was not the only one who saw it. The Chief Flight Test Engineer Rudy Thoren mentioned he had seen a UFO the night prior. It meant they have seen one and the same object which later was confirmed.


2. William B. Gill’s case

This one occurred in Papua New Guinea in 1959. Within a few weeks police have received 60 reports of UFO sightings. But one incident was proven. The Anglican priest visited the country with his Bosnian mission. He claimed he saw a flying object with humanoids on top.


His words were confirmed by 25 natives, including teachers and medical technicians – participants of the meeting. They did not only stare at the UFO but signalized them with light and received a response. It happened for two evenings in a row. And both times this group of people managed to contact the aliens.


3. Lonnie Zamora incident

On-duty New Mexico State Police officer Lonnie Zamora was chasing speeder when suddenly he heard weird raving. He noticed an impressive flame and even thought that was an arms dump explosion. This is why he decided to get closer to the building and look what happened. Zamora called for backup, but as he got closer to the place – there was not a sign of explosion there. He noticed an egg-shaped aircraft and two human-like figures near it.


His attempt to get closer scared the aliens and they jumped into the flying mechanism and spaced out. Police and FBI came a few minutes after to discover odd prints on soil and burning bushes. Although when the touched the last ones – they were still cold.

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