Husband slams wife for gaining wait

In the recent years we notice insane changes within the humanity. Some 10 years ago you could tell someone they were fat and that was like a punch to the changes. People wasted enormous money to lose weight and look as similar to skinny top models as possible. Now look around! What is happening? Calling someone fat is take as an abuse.


Fashion designers rock the catwalks walking arm in arm with curvy ladies who are way far from precious 90-60-90. women are not afraid of being not skinny. It’s vice versa. Body positive posts invaded Instagram. People keep posting their imperfect body parts and nobody tells them they are ugly because they are overweight.

This is just great that we appreciate the souls, not the bodies. But some people just cross the line, living somewhere in the past. Especially those guys who think women belong to them from their wedding day and should do everything just to please their hubbies.

Meet Park Jee Won, who was a popular fitness trainer before she got married. Love just blown her away and she felt overwhelming happiness when pregnancy test showed positive result. Her belly kept growing and her appetite did too. that’s a norm for someone who should eat for two.

Her husband first supported Park, but after she gave birth to a wonderful little girl – he just went wild. He said she looked like a sack of fat. And she was no more loved by him as he couldn’t be attractive to someone of her size. Severe postpartum depression made things even worse. It led to a spiraling eating habit that made her gain additional weight. And as soon as she saw insane 85 kilos on her scale – she started thinking over a plan.

Jee Won started eating small portions of food 6 times a day and worked out a fitness program suitable for her condition. In just 6 months she managed to get rid of nasty 40 kilos and finally loved her body again.

Think her hubby was happy to see her back in shape? That was not an option for him at all! He said she gave him goosebumps – that’s how much he hated his once loved wife. Park was at a loss. She did what he wanted and he was still unsatisfied? She was afraid that would be the worst relationship example for her daughter.

And she just filed for divorce. Park believes raising a child all alone is the best way and living together with an abuser. Even if he abuses the woman with his words. Sometimes that is even more painful. Today Jee Won is a popular blogger. She has a quite good Instagram account and her own YouTube channel.

She helps people like her to achieve their biggest goal – their dream body. She gives quite worthy fitness and nutrition hints to her followers and of course, shares images and videos of her stunning figure. We just hope that was a good lesson for her hubby. Just look at this gorgeous woman!

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