5 Crazy Things Only Female Body Is Capable Of

What do we know about female body? The way it differs from male one is shocking. I don’t mean those obvious primary sex characters even the kids notice. I mean real superpowers that remain the same even after gender reassignment. Those who didn’t miss their anatomy classes at school know that female heart beats much faster than male, Adam’s apple is a prerogative of guys, female hair is much thinner and so on.

What if I tell you this is just the top of an iceberg? In truth, girls are real ‘monsters’ whose body is the best instrument for any spy mission. Now you can hardly take it seriously, but keep reading and you will change your mind about all women around the globe.


5 things female body is capable of_1
It is well known that girls have much thinner skin as it has to be easy-stretchable whenever it is the time to procreate offspring. Baby bum needs more skin than there was before and a female organism is ready to give it when there is a need. After the baby is delivered – it all gets back to norm.

However, what is more interesting for us – girls have a more sensitive skin than ours as well. Guys use this secret to turn their crushes on. The right touch is all they need to make a lady ask for more. You can check it with your girlfriend by touching her neck, chest, and waist – the most sensitive areas.


New organ
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Girls can grow a whole new organ when there is a need and get rid of it later. I mean the placenta. This organ is a strong connection between mother and baby when the last one is still in her belly.

The weight of afterbirth can count up to 2 kilos. It is the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, thermo-regulation, waste elimination, and gas exchange via the mother’s blood supply; fight against internal infection, and produce hormones to support a pregnancy. The placenta provides oxygen and nutrients to growing fetuses and removes waste products from the fetus’s blood.



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Ever seen male gymnasts? I mean those do modern rhythmic gymnastics. Only women can do all those tricks without traumas because their bodies are incredibly flexible. Even after years of workouts, men are unable to repeat even 20% of their programs.


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Female vision is a wonderful thing. First of all, they get used to darkness much faster been able to see counters of all objects in the room in less than 10 minutes. And second – they can differentiate more colors than we do. That’s not about a few extra shades, but a whole specter of gradations man just cannot see.


Women are much stronger than us, not only physically, but morally. They can come through the most terrible things and still cheer up. Whenever there is a disaster that demands incredible endurance to survive – women are more likely to bare it all and stay alive, but men, unfortunately, give up.

When choosing whom to invite for another spy issues – take a look at your female friends. They can be very useful under any circumstances.

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