Why Bill Gates Bought 200 Liters Of Fake Feces

What’s the biggest water waster in your house? Most of us will rush to the mirror to see the bastard, but not Bill Gates. This man thinks different, acts different and lives different. Maybe this is why there are only 9 countries richer than him. This time the smartie decided to revolutionize the way we poo. No, seriously, he has found the one guilty for extreme water wastes and this is our toilet.

No matter if it’s big or small, Bill has found out they flash too much water every time we use them. What can we do to save the universe? Bill thought on it for months. There were only poo talks in Gates family which actually irritated his wife Melinda and she could hardly pull herself together to avoid putting a piece of it in Bill’s plate instead of dinner.

Maybe that was caused by Microsoft losing its positions on the market and will was just looking for something to make him rich and popular as he was right after launching Windows. We don’t know. All we know, he actually bought 2 tons of fake feces because he has finally worked out a concept of his one and only, unique waterless toilet.

Skeptics would say ‘what on Earth are you thinking of, Bill?!’ Humanity has made a huge step away from wildlife when putting this white stone to the bathrooms and plugging it to water pulp. It works fine, it washes away all we leave there, so could you please stay away from our toilets? We are quite satisfied with what we have in our WCs.


But Bill Gates is sure the future is already here and we have to take a few steps to save our planet. And to move on with our tech revolution. Gates also promises it to save our money for health care as our actual toilets spread millions of bacterias, unlike his invention. Together with it, there are still to many people living with no sanitary appliances in their house. So, the plan is to use this new toilet in dense urban areas where a number of factors make providing good sanitation very challenging.

After a person has done their business and closed the lid, the rotating toilet bowl turns 270 degrees to deposit the waste in a vat underneath. A scraper tool then wipes off any residual waste from the bowl. The solid waste stays on the bottom while the liquid rises to the top. Seems nice but, the developers warn that this thing also need special service once in six months.

Although, potential users are more worried about 2 things: the smell and the way their ‘goods’ get utilized. Bill explains that this thing turns our poo into pure and clean compost. It need just a little bit water which is reused for a week. Then the water tank and solid waste. This system leaves no chance for smell to spread over.

This miraculous toilet works on batteries which can be replaced if needed. Critics find it another issue which makes our regular toilets better and more convenient.

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