Things Women Find Appealing

What is sexiness? Someone or something that is excitingly appealing or glamorous. A bit let us be honest when saying ‘sexy’, we actually mean the one we would love to see in our bed. If you believe it is only a prerogative of men to divide women for those they would love to spend some time with and those who are not attractive enough – you are absolutely wrong. Girls do just the same. Want to know what they secretly find sexy in men? Just keep reading.


Bushy eyebrows
things women find sexy_bushy eyebrows
Yep, guys with thin eyebrows have no chance if there is a man with thick ones in the game. Girls will fall for him more likely. Although, there are men with extremely bushy eyebrows. That won’t do for women. They believe men with such a problem should visit a stylist and do something to make their eyes look cute.


Flat belly
things women find sexy_flat belly
Love beer and your round shape? You have no chance. Ladies adore men who can brag with their six-pack as they are considered to be good lovers. They believe that those who can spend hours at the gym working on their body can work longer in a bedroom.


Full lips
things women find sexy_full lips
It works both sides – men prefer kissing ladies with full lips rather than those with thin ones. Ladies follow this trend too. No clue if lips shape influences kissing skills anyhow, but it seems like guys should spend some cash for injections to get a girlfriend.


things women find sexy_glasses
Girls love men in glasses. They seem smarter and more reliable. If he wears glasses – she will more likely trust him. It comes from those nice times when only people of high income could afford glasses.



Goody trial
things women find sexy_goody trail
No clue if that happened to you, but 90% of girls in my bed couldn’t stop touching that stripe of hair on my belly. And all of them assured that was sexy.


Hairy chest
things women find sexy_hairy chest
What differs a man from a boy? Amount of hair on their bodies. Hairy chest for girls is a signal ‘he is a real man’. And the last ones are sexier than teen boys.


Prominent cheekbones
things women find sexy_prominent cheekbones
Remember sex symbols of the recent years? Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Jensen Ackles and others – all of them have full lips and prominent cheekbones. Hollywood just cannot be wrong – ladies love it.


Streaks of grey
things women find sexy_streaks of gray
Most men are afraid of getting old. This is why they use all possible tricks to hide their grey hair – from shortcuts to hair dying. But it looks like they should no longer do it. Ladies are ready to fall in love with silver foxes as grey hair looks hot.


things women find sexy_smell
True men take shower twice a day. But girls confess they love the natural smell of male bodies. It doesn’t mean you should stop washing your body and walk around spreading the pong of a dumpster. Just do not overuse soap and shower gel. By the way, most male perfumes are extremely appealing to ladies as well.

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