5 Reasons To Break Up With Her Today

How much time do you need to realize you have chosen the wrong person? Some men manage to see who is who and get rid of an unwanted relationship. The others date for months or years hoping to finally build up their ideal love story with someone who doesn’t fit it at all.

Nevertheless, there are 5 main signs she is not worse your attempts of making up that ‘happily ever after’ thing and been simply using you for as long as you allow her to.

Today I am going to help you out detecting a vampire girlfriend who has to be given a boot as soon as possible. There are too many great girls around you, so don’t waste your time. Time to open up for something big and real.


You have different aims in life
5 reasosns to break up with her_different aims
If she dreams of a bright fancy wedding as soon as possible and a bunch of shirttail kids in the next few years, but you are more interested in buying a house, getting a dog and living there together just like that – it won’t work.

Vegan and meat lover have more chances to get along well than a childfree and a kids lover. If there is no opportunity to build up a life plan that satisfies both of you – break up with her and stop wasting up your and her time.


She loves your wallet more than you
5 reasosns to break up with her_love for wallet
If a girl is more passionate about your credit card than personally you – this is a bad sign. She is simply using you as a walking wallet who makes all her mercantile dreams come true.

Such girls are made for wasting cash and soon their partners find themselves struggling to earn more cash at their 2-3 jobs without any idea on what they are spent. No chance for happy future – leave her as soon as you can.



She shows no respect
5 reasosns to break up with her_no respect
The worst thing that can happen to men – she doesn’t give a toss about your opinion. She can make fun of you in a company of good friends making you look like an idiot. You won’t even notice how soon she will turn you into a henpecked husband who only listens to her orders. Run away as fast as you can.


You don’t talk
5 reasosns to break up with her_you don't talk
Well, you communicate with other – colleagues, friends, family. But you can’t remember the last time you spoke to each other. Just sit there and discussed anything after a hard busy day at work. You communicate using either signs or short phrases deciding what to eat for dinner or some other household issues. You have lost interest to each other and none of you care about the partner.

There are chances you can bring the sparkle back in and restore your relationship. But it is better for both to break up.


You are unhappy
5 reasosns to break up with her_not happy
Do you have that warm feeling every time when seeing her? Does your heart beat faster each time she touches your hand? Are you glad seeing her smile? If at least any of this questions received a negative answer – run man, run. The main goal of any relationship is happiness. If don’t feel one – it is better to look for someone else.

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