Regular People Who Have Revealed Their Superpowers

Scientists say that people do not use their brains to the fullest. To be exact – we need about 20% to function in a society and cope with our daily routine. But what if that 80 % we do not use give us incredible powers? What if only a few people could unlock them to use secret super abilities?

Here we have listed men and women who managed to impress the world with their skills. If you have no trust to the paranormal or believe all psychics are gaggers – take a look at this list. All these people underwent various scientific and medical research to prove their skills are real.


1. Natasha Demkina
Real People With Superhuman Powers_1
A teen girl made a lot of fuss in her small town and soon her apartment turned into a waiting room. Thousands of people were there waiting to see her. They had different reasons to come there but all of them asked for one and the same thing – they wanted Natasha to look at them with her X-ray vision.

This cute blonde claims she has both: normal vision and the X-ray one. Moreover, she can easily switch between them. This is how this cutie diagnoses people, naming their traumas and diseases. No wonder she has her medical diploma now.


2. Ben Underwood
Real People With Superhuman Powers_2
Ben was 4 when his both eyes were surgically removed due to retinal cancer. After a year, he has left his special walking stick and guide dog behind. The kid learned walking without them and even could ride a bike or use a skateboard. Doctors wanted to know his secret and he confessed that he could see through sound.

Thus, all objects were detected by hearing the sounds projected from them way before he got close. Ben trained himself to detect objects by making loud clicking noises that helped him shape up all things around him. The only live beings that use similar technique are bets and dolphins. Unfortunately, the guy died at the age of 16. He has lost the battle to cancer.



3. Chris Robinson
Real People With Superhuman Powers_3
This man once woke up being shocked by his too realistic dream. He was even more shocked when in a few hours all he saw in his dream took place in reality. Since that time he could predict any events.

Chris can wake up any moment and take some notes of what he has seen while sleeping. He took part in various reality shows, was tested by scientists. His phenomenon is unique and there is no doubt his skills are not faked.


4. Dean Karnazes
Real People With Superhuman Powers_4
How long can you run before needing some break? An hour or two? Look at this man – he has no limits when it comes to physical punishment. His muscles never get tired so he can run non-stop forever. Our bodies get energy out of glucose which produces lactic acid, excess amount of which makes us feel tired. But lactic acid has no impact on Dean and his muscles.


5. Rosa Kuleshova
Real People With Superhuman Powers_5
99% of people use their eyes to read books or detect colors. Rosa belonged to 1% left. She could read anything using her fingers, elbows or feet being blindfolded. Doctors have carried out experiments using various approaches and she succeeded. There was a hypothesis that her skills were the result of some brain damage. But she took this secret with her – Rosa died too early of a cerebral hemorrhage.

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