10 New Technological Inventions You Won’t Believe Are Real

In this day and age technology is developing so quickly yet so subtle we don’t even notice it. New inventions, incredible as they are, pass us by and we don’t even see the progress happening right before our eyes!

To fix that, here’s a list of seven incredible new technological inventions you probably don’t know about.


The ELF emmit
10 New Technological Inventions_1
Technological brain control: it may sound futuristic, but it’s already here.
The ELF emmit is a small light device that looks a little like a headband and goes on the back of your head. It influences your brain by sending electromagnetic impulses into it and basically coaxes your mind into behaving like you want it to.
It has 5 modes: Sleep, Antistress, Concentrate, Meditate and Deep Learning.
It’s a technology that’s been around since the fifties. It’s a 100% safe, medically approved and is actually used in neuroscience.
It makes your life easier in an almost magical way.


HUB by ekko
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HUB is a device that lets multiple people listen to the same music using their earbuds while also being free to walk around, not chained to the TV, phone, computer or a music center by wires. It’s available to 4+ users who can all share wireless audio in real time.
This wireless station connects to your TV, laptop, music center or phone by Wi-Fi. It has four portable wireless receivers that can be connected to anything from earplugs to speakers.
It’s amazing for watching movies, gaming and sharing music.


10 New Technological Inventions_3
This is a device that lets you turn the monitor of your PC into a touchscreen. It looks like a magnetic strip that connects to the bottom of your screen and is plugged into the PC by a USB cable. It works with anything – fingers, gloves, brushes, whatever floats your boat, – and is responsive to the generic control gestures like swipe, pinch, zoom, and scroll.
If you want the screen of your PC to be touch-friendly, this is just the thing for you.


Eight sleep
10 New Technological Inventions_4
The smart mattress cover.
This device tracks the phases of your sleep. It can change the temperature of two halves of the bed separately and can be connected to the alarm on your phone and your smart home. If you choose to link it with your phone, it’ll give you data about how well you slept and can actually be used as a smart alarm that wakes you up at just the right time for you to feel healthy and fresh, even if it’s 6 in the morning.


10 New Technological Inventions_5
This is an improved technology that allows you to see and breathe more comfortably while underwater. It has two basic parts (a snorkel and a mask) and lets you stay underwater 33% longer. It also has enhanced visibility and reduced fogging.



The Sensel Morph
10 New Technological Inventions_6
This is a technological miracle that can be used in a variety of ways that were previously only available with help of different devices, never one.
In short, it’s a tablet that features a more developed touch technology. Sensel Morph can track up to 10 touches at the same time. It also reads very precise data about pressure force and movement. It’s also objected touch friendly.
The fun and unique feature about it is the variety of ways it can be used in. The Sensel Morph has a bunch of Overlays that can be used for painting, writing, gaming, music making and software development. It can function as a DJ board, a keyboard, a touchpad, a painting canvas, a piano keyboard and more.


Ockel Sirius B
10 New Technological Inventions_7
This is a pocket computer. It has the most advanced technological parameters, Windows 10 and a built-in 32GB flash storage. It has all the ports a regular laptop has, can be connected to a monitor, has fast Wi-Fi reception and generally works better than an actual standard PC. Oh, and it is roughly the size of a smartphone and literally fits into your pocket.
It does need a keyboard, a monitor, and a mouse though.


10 New Technological Inventions_8
The usual sounds around us can be a cause of nervousness, hearing damage and productivity decrease.
Muzo is a device that can decrease vibrations around you, is able to set the mood lighting and make an atmosphere around you the way you prefer it to be. Muzo will allow you to sit in the middle of a busy café and not hear the people around you, leaving you to the magnificent silence or a quiet talk with your friend.
Welcome to the future without annoying constantly drilling neighbors or music that doesn’t match your taste.


10 New Technological Inventions_9
This is the closest humanity’s gotten to imitating paper. This is easy to use a tablet that feels, behaves and looks like paper. It doesn’t harm your eyes, it’s easy to write on, it doesn’t glitch, and it is better than paper by one regard: while holding one reMarkable device you can be holding a whole library with your notes, sketches, projects, favorite books, and newspapers. It is sunlight readable and easy on the eyes.
Creators state that no tablet has fewer functionalities than reMarkable, and that functionality wasn’t their main concern. They wanted to make an authentic paper tablet, because, in its simplicity, a paper is an ultimate tool for thinking. And they did.


ASIMO: Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility
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In 1980 Honda began developing humanoid robots. ASIMO is one of their latest creations. It’s 4,3 ft tall and weighs 119Ib.
The abilities of ASIMO include recognizing objects, postures, gestures, surrounding environment, sounds, and faces. It can communicate in several different languages, recognizes sounds and voices, can identify companions and cooperate with other robots of this model. It can go recharge autonomously, can perform simple tasks like carrying objects from place to place and walk up and down the stairs. It can learn new tasks and be pretty helpful at things like pouring drinks, fetching things and remembering stuff for you.

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