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Lily Morto – made of plastic? She’s fantastic!

The 31-year old was born as Lilit Martirosyan in Armenia. The girl had typical appearance for the region with somewhat dark skin and long black hair. However, when the girl just saw a Barbie doll with stunning blue eyes and blond locks she realized how hard she wanted to be just like her. If those were the dreams of a poor Armenian girl – they would have left there in her fantasies. But Lilit had money as here family was quite rich.

How could loving parents deny an innocent request of their princess to slightly improve the way she looked? Well, it started like that and all family and friends were sure Lilit would stop after the first procedure. As she was considered beautiful and there were dozens of admirers ready to pop the question to her.

#1 | Lily Morto – made of plastic? She’s fantastic!

However, marriage was not something to rise her interest. She dreamed of a career and new boobs. And she just went for it. Lilit’s parents were shocked to see how drastically their daughter transformed her face and body. She died her hair blonde and got her dreamed blue eyes. Then, of course, she wen through her boob job and enlarged her lips. Rhinoplasty made her nice authentic nose thin and weird looking if compared to those huge eyes and plump lips.

#2 | Lily Morto – made of plastic? She’s fantastic!

Was that the reason to stop? Martirosyan’s answer is ‘NO!’. Then she decided her butt was not good enough. She looked at those insta stunners and their gym struggles. First she thought she could join an army of working out girls in order to improve her bottom. But why to sweat at the gym if you have some $5,000 for new bum. Weeks of recovery instead of months of working out and her new body part was close to perfection.

#3 | Lily Morto – made of plastic? She’s fantastic!

Rather conservative Armenians considered her too weird. Opinions differ: some of them thought she was too brave to break the rules, but the others thought she had ruined her own beauty and looked more like a cyborg now.


Lilit realized 1 thing – she became a foreign native. So, there was the only right decision – to run away. She has changed her name to Lily Morto and moved abroad. She tasted the freedom in Europe and stayed in Milano for study. Lily dreams to be a designer and a significant figure in fashion industry.

#4 | Lily Morto – made of plastic? She’s fantastic!

Morto woke up famous after participating in a reality show where Rodrigo Alves (a guy who went through multiple surgeries to look like real life Ken doll) was looking for a mate. Morto says there was a sparkle between them, but it was not enough for serious relationship.

#5 | Lily Morto – made of plastic? She’s fantastic!

However, the girl met her true love and is now dating a cute and rich plastic surgeon. The couple is enjoying their luxury life, traveling together and seems to be really happy.

This love affair made the difference: now Lily shares less provocative images with her followers. No naked bums and huge boobs close ups. Just a girl who looks quite different from average instamodels.

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