The 7 Creepiest Ghosts Caught On Cam That Just Cannot Be Fake

Have you ever faced paranormal activity? Ghosts, poltergeists, non-natural sounds? Each of us has a creepy story to tell. They are mostly connected to haunted places or events that follow funerals. If you are a doubting Thomas, being rather a skeptic to this sort of things – we offer you a bunch of video proofs that supernaturals happen. Moreover, once in a while people manage to capture them on cam.
There is no video editing exposed in these materials, so, make sure your door is closed before watching them. Warning: this is not a place for the faint of heart.


Here is the first video that was shot by a guy who went for a walk and accidentally faced this ghost. It seems to be a young girl or even a teenager, who stands right in front of him, looking directly in camera. Freaky, isn’t it?


Here is the reason why I hate driving alone at night. There are numerous myths spread by drivers that tell about ghosts showing up at the same hack each time they pass by. One should have nerves of steel to avoid therapy after that. Look closer at this ghost. Shivers, that’s all I have.


There are numerous stories about ghosts wondering around old hotels, although this one seems to be new. If this video is real (and we bet it is) – there should be a bloody story behind the phenomenon.


Keep your eyes on bushes in the right corner. Unbelievable, that man over there is completely transparent. Or maybe it is a real ghost? We would not dare to swim there anyway. This tape just shows one cannot feels safe even being surrounded by the crowd of people.



This video scares us from the first scene. It is obvious that things happen at the mortuary. But who are those people on the floor? Are they at least alive? This is too scary to remain calm when watching. Keep your eyes on the corridor – here he comes. A real dark ghost.


Why do I have a feeling that was a bad idea to go there? There are fascinating sceneries with palm trees around and these two have chosen a dirty shallow lake with an ugly stone near it. An ideal place for a ghost to show up. Was it unexpected?


This video leaves so many questions without answers. This happened in one of the shopping centers of China. Woman passes by a raw of goods when suddenly one of them falls down right behind her. What happens next is shocking – that poor lady suffers from a severe attack. Who did that to her?


A dull office with multiple rooms is stuffed with poltergeists. Furniture is moving around, light is flickering and some invisible power is opening all drawers around to play with documents.
Things that take place here are captured on at least 10 cameras. There hardly can be any valid explanation to this. Unless ghosts are real and they are among us.

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