What She’s Thinking When You’re Sexting Her Vs What She’s REALLY Thinking When You’re Sexting Her

Admit it; sexting is fun. We’ve all done it in one way or another. It’s the best kind of flirt ever. Or even better, because you don’t have to change your sweatpants, you can just lay around in your old undies with your favorite TV show on in the background. Wait, don’t tell me you expect her to lay around in  lace, sexy underwear and heels, all ready for your text? Nah, that’s not how it works in real life. Ladies are naturally blessed with the ability to let the imagination go while getting involved in some routine. To be honest, when it comes to sexting, for women anyway, the reality is much more different and probably much less “sexy” than you might think.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind while sexting your girl. First of all, she’s doing it for you, mostly. If sexting were meant to get women off, our phones would come with a lot stronger and longer vibrate options. This thing might work for men, but not for women. So, they do it mostly for you, guys. They know it turns you on like crazy. However, this is just a tease, a part of the long game where the payoff is the love, the sex and all the goodies that come with it. Sure, it’s good fun, but it’s not like they are going to see stars over it. Consider it as a fun and naughty gift, a reminder of how lucky you are to have such a cool, fun-loving girlfriend.


You do realize that most of it are fake, right? You don’t expect her to sit in those sexy panties you bought her (may be she is, but most like she’s not)? Or that those nudes she’s just sent you are hers and not of some random girl from the Internets? But it doesn’t matter. It’s just a fantasy, storytelling,  foreplay. What matters is you two, now, fantasizing about what you want to do to each other later. The fact that she’s sitting around in her old sweatshirt, with zit cream all over her face, is irrelevant. Her mind is with you, and that’s all you should worry about right now.



What girls love about sexting is the show…the power of the performance. The kick they get out of shaping how you see them, and not the empty promise of an orgasm. Seriously, don’t think that if you (sometimes) can’t make her get off, a naughty wordplay will. She might get a little flushed or parched, but that’s all.

Second, if you’re going to talk the talk, then you better walk the walk. There’s no point to sexting if in the end the words don’t turn into action, and the actions don’t live up to the words. Girls don’t expect too much from you, nothing groundbreaking or life-changing. Just don’t go too far or too big, don’t promise things you can’t do. Just remember: if she’s responding to it in texts, then she’s expecting it in person. Don’t fuck it up!

Third, and most important thing to know is that words are ENOUGH for her. Unless she’s asking for it, leave pics of your junk out of this. No matter how many times she complimented your dick by saying how she loves and everything, the truth is she loves what it DOES to her and not what it looks like. It’s your words that should be at attention.



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