Insanely Expensive Sex Toys You Can (But You Should Not) Buy On eBay

  1. Pearl Royale ($1,000,000)


Pretty nice1000 precious gems including Sapphires, Pearls, White & Pink Diamonds. Some of them can be taken out and worn on a necklace. It is hard to say what the lady


  1. King Cobra Cock Ring ($192,000)


How about wasting 192k to decorate your dick? Its creation took 100 hours of work. It is made of pure platinum and has a weight of 515 grams (I have doubts about your man thing’s strength so far). The item is purely ergonomic and fits any guy. Not only that, it stimulates his perineum area that leads to firmer erections and stronger orgasms.


  1. Victor Phantasm ($60,000)

If you want a girl to marry you – give her this insane toy. It consists of two separate parts, which are united together. There is a nice diamond ring between them. The tutorial says the device is made to stimulate all the sensitive zones at a time. The basic egg offers a more intense stimulation, and the smaller one is used for more sensitive zones.



  1. The Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator ($19,363.20)

This one does not look like a regular vibrator. It is the exact copy of a real seed covered with the 18-carat gold. This very elegant toy has five different vibration patterns with the possibility to enjoy each on various levels of intensity of stimulation. It is packed in a beautifully crafted wooden box that is lockable and features golden detailing!


  1. Sleeve Cock Rings and Beaded Enhancers Set ($11,000)

I have no clue what is so special about these. But I can hardly imagine the effect these things        ever buy the set – I hope you will share the impression with us.

  1. Manga Sex Doll

                We all have that geek friend who is crazy about manga and anime. I bet in his dreams he already had sex with those rainbow haired beauties. It is hard to say what attracts them the most –  huge eyes or kawaii ears. Although this doll has the curves, any real girl would            feel jealous of.


  1. Thrillhammer Sex Machine ($3,595)

The name says it all here. You know what to expect when getting this device. OI have no idea how ladies feel letting this robotic monster in their sex life. Although for $3,595 the machine   should please you sexually and then provide you with post coitus chats for half of the night.


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