The Creepiest Things That Have Been Pulled Out Of People’s Ears

You’ll be surprised to see what hideous stuff people sometimes pull out of their ears. A gunk of ear wax is nothing compared to these weird things.

I bet most of you like to think of yourself as a fairly clean person, but gross things can happen to anyone. Just imagine waking up to an earache that turned out to be caused by a wandering cockroach. The abysses and crevices of our body can enclose many things, and bugs are not an exception. These tiny creatures can enter our body when we are least expecting it. Urban legend has it that the average person swallows eight spiders in their sleep and roughly eight insect particles when we eat chocolate. While this is enough to gross out certain people, what happened to the people on this list is so terrifying, it must have left them traumatized for life. Read on to find out what nasty things have been found in these people’s ears…


Fly are without a doubt annoying and disrespectful. They land all over your food, and they never seem to find the exit. But just imagine one of them laying its eggs right inside your ear. This brave patient had to have the entire colony of maggots removed not only from his ear but the nostrils as well. Ouch! I’ve got just one question How?…just HOW did it even happen?

Living Fruit Fly Larvae

How much do you know about the fruit fly? Did you know that these guys can plant their larvae inside your ear? This is exactly what happened to this 48-year-old Taiwanese woman. The woman was suffering from severe pain in her ear. After the detailed examination, they found a living fruit fly larvae in her ear. How does it survive, you may ask? It feeds off of the flesh inside the ear. In the worst case scenario, they can make their way to the brain and kill the patient.


Fungal Debris

Here’s one more prove that neglecting your ears is one of the worst things you can do to your body. In this video, we can see as doctors remove fungal debris from a patient’s ear. You are probably thinking how on Earth could someone neglect their ears so badly? Well, this condition is actually quite common, especially in tropical countries. You may also want to think twice about sharing headphones with other people after watching this video.


Imagining a bug with ten legs crawling anywhere near your body is enough to send chills down your spine. This boy’s story will definitely make you cringe with disgust. After experiencing an irritating feeling in his ear, Grant Botti (14 years old) reached inside and pulled out the tail of a four-inch long centipede. What’s even more traumatizing is that the bug was still alive!


Cockroaches are disgusting enough when you even think of them. We do anything to keep them away, but nothing seem to help. They are believed to be able to survive a nuclear explosion. Can’t say anything to support this theory, but what I do know is that these bastards can survive being stuck in a human’s ear. According to studies, cockroaches are more likely to crawl in your ear, as opposed to any other bug.



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