How A Nice Guy Became A Sexy Girl

What are you ready to do for love? Like deep and strong feeling of being totally into somebody? One of my friends managed to jump off the roof to his girlfriend’s balcony with a bunch of flowers between his teeth. The other one made a tattoo with her name. But there is a guy who went way much further than just that. Meet Ihor Bulgachov.

uliana romanova_1

Ihor grew up as a regular guy, loved by his parents and younger sister. He had a talent of a PR agent since early years, so no wonder he soon found himself working in Moscow for some of the Russian stars. That was the time he realized he was more into women than men. But for Moscow being gay is not a problem and soon Ihor met a man of his life. They were together for quite a long time when his lover admitted they can’t be together as he is missing female body pretty much. Ihor was filled with despair, but he did not plan to give up and went under the knife.

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His imagination drew him some nice pics of a cute chick, but in reality, he (or better to say ‘she’ now) woke up looking more like a monkey with big boobs. She has chosen a new name – Uliana Romanova. That was the moment when Ihor disappeared forever and Uliana went to Thailand for better plastic surgery services.


uliana romanova_3

She came back and look much prettier than just that we saw before. But it seems like her rich lover was not satisfied. And poor girl had to go through a few more surgeries and hormonal therapy. What was even worse for Uliana – she lost her job. Nobody respected her choice there.
But at least she had her beloved one with her and that was the reason she never planned to stop before turning into a real beauty. There were a few more flights to Thailand, tons of weekly beauty procedures to make her skin, hair, and hands perfect. And soon she looked prettier than most girls you know. Or maybe all of them.

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Uliana has her unique style – something between super sexy and super classy. But anyway men adore the way she looks now. And her white Porsche says she is doing just fine without her old job. So, what is she doing now? Uliana is living between Russia and Ukraine, spending tons of cash for new outfits and brand clothes, but she is rather a good girl than one of those party animals.

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She loves cooking, shows off her recipes, photos of her cat and her stunning looks on Instagram and seems like she is engaged. That massive stone on her finger is a sign of the upcoming wedding. Of course, she has tons of haters, but without a doubt, they bother her not. Uliana lives in complete harmony with herself. She belongs to the women who know what they want and will never stop before they get it.

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