These People Transformed Their Bodies To Look Like Dolls

A few years ago one of the human dolls, Valeria Lukyanova got on the cover of GQ magazine and made a lot of fuss all over the world. Since that moment, numerous human dolls pop out of nowhere in different countries, assuring us their shapes and faces are nothing else but nature’s gift.

However, not all of them try to look like Barbie, sticking to their own remarkable style. They become famous thanks to social network and personal YouTube channels. I just wonder what their parents say seeing those poor kids wasting tons of cash for another plastic surgery? Meet the most outstanding ‘dolls’ from that army of Barbie fans.


Dakota Rose
living dolls_dakota rose
Her real name is Dakota Ostrenga. Dakota has a sister who is a huge anime fan just like her. Together they have mastered a cute loli look and launched a blog and a YouTube channel. As soon as her photos were seen in Japan, Dakota woke up popular. She wears baby-doll dresses, shows off sexy bruises on her legs and claims she has just turned 21.

But after a short investigation I have revealed another insider’s information, that Rose is about 30 and in reality, she is not that cute and doll-like. Even the eyes are much smaller.


Tatiana Tuzova
living dolls_tatiana tuzova
Miss Barbie from Russia. After watching a few TV shows, I can say that she is just as stunning in reality: tall, slim, with a thin waist. Her home is stuffed with pink stuff and crowded with plastic Barbies. Tatiana claims she is 26. And this is the only thing she lies about. She is in her late 30’s which is too much for her starting singing career.


Venus Palermo
living dolls_Venus Palermo
A pretty girl from London whose, the world turned upside down after a short trip to Japan. Inspired by local culture, 15-year old decided to change her life. She mastered doll-face makeup and now has her beauty blog where she teaches teen girls looking just like her.



Angelica Kenova
living dolls_angelica kenova
Another living doll with overly photoshopped pics in all profiles. Angelica is from Russia and she definitely has inflated ego and conceders herself at least the queen of the universe. Her mom controls every romantic date she is going for. When meeting a new guy, mom takes his passport and keeps it by the time her daughter is returned home. Only after that, a poor guy is allowed to grab his documents and leave.


Anastasiya Shpagina
living dolls_Anastasiya Shpagina
A fan of anime who doesn’t make a big deal of her regular plastic surgeries. A few years ago she went under unsuccessful rhinoplasty and her nose caused her a lot of trouble. Poor anime doll could hardly breathe. Although she didn’t miss a chance to hype herself thanks to this situation.


Lolita Richie
living dolls_lolita richie
Nobody knows who she is or where this girl comes from. What is obvious – her face and body are the results of amateur Photoshop adjustment. But she does all she can to look like a cute retro doll. Maybe later she will have enough cash to make her Photoshop fantasies true.

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