The Hottest Cosplayers Whose Costumes Make Them Look Even Hotter

Comic Con gathers thousands of geeks annually who come to meet celebrities and of course, stare at yummy and sexy cosplay babes. They often take the scene, distracting visitors from their main aims.

These fantastic ladies catch millions of glances and appear at numerous photos in all social networks. Some of them realized that this is the best thing they can do in life and start earning a good living dressing up in cute fantasy clothes and posing for photographers.

Some of them became incredibly popular and now enjoy millions of followers. Let us take a closer look at them. Here is our top 10:

Ivy Doomkitty
the hottest cosplayers_Ivy Doomkitty
A boudoir pin up model, a costumer, and a cosplayer. She has started her modeling career 6 years ago and 2 years after decided to try herself in cosplay. Gorgeous plus size curves made her one of the most popular girls in the industry.
the hottest cosplayers_Ivy Doomkitty1
Fans love her for sexy body and pretty face. We can hardly call her a ‘cute girl’. She is one of the hottest women alive.


Riki LeCotey
the hottest cosplayers_Riki LeCotey
Also known as Riddle. This Canadian cosplayer has first shown up in 2008. She was soon noticed by fans thanks to her impressive costumes. All outfits were well-designed and made of highest quality materials.


the hottest cosplayers_Riki LeCotey2
Good detalization made her stand out. Soon she moved to the USA to become one of the top cosplayers in North America or even in the world.


Andy Rae
the hottest cosplayers_Andy Rae1
This small town girl from British Columbia Canada has always been addicted to online games. Soon she wanted to look just like her favorite characters. Her photos collected millions of likes raising her popularity online. Now she runs her YouTube channel where she unveils all her cosplay secrets and shows off new costumes.
the hottest cosplayers_Andy Rae3

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